a romper for curvy girls!

i was at target the other day with the sole intent to buy new clothes.  one may typically be in target for the necessities and just so happen to drop a hundred bucks on a new outfit (not that i know anything about that), but this time i was fully prepared to browse the racks in pursuit of something fun and light for these summer months.  it’s been a sticky season down here in hotlanta, and on the weekends i try to avoid anything snug at all costs.  gotta let your body breathe!

among the ten or so hangers i ended up taking to the dressing room, i was overjoyed when i found that the lace romper i’d warily picked from the rack actually fit and, if you can believe it, was flattering!  there isn’t too much material that it looks frumpy, and the elastic waistband hits at the right spot, at least on my body.  the only downside?  the zipper is in the back and isn’t the easiest to undo yourself.  i wore the romper saturday night to a friend’s house for grilling out and games and had some girlfriends who were kind enough to unzip me and rezip me after my visits to the ladies’ room.  hehe!

i’ve always wanted a romper, and i think this one is the one for me.  it has good coverage even though it is a little on the shorter side, and the size i got to accommodate my derriere was comfy without swallowing me up top.  another plus?  it didn’t show my sweat, even after four games of kan jam!  it’s a keeper for sure!

2 thoughts on “a romper for curvy girls!

  1. That’s so awesome, girl! I may just have to make my way down to Target and find me a romper 😉

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