#dailyselfie: cheez-it mania


ever since i was a young girl, cheez-its were my go-to cheese cracker snack.  no, cheese nips would never do.  don’t you even dare to call them an acceptable substitute!  my obsession really took hold in my college years when i actually bought my own groceries and food.  yep, there was no one there in aisle 6 of the east side kroger in athens to keep me from buying the family size box of cheez-its.  and what’s worse is that no one even seemed to care!  should it be normal for a young woman to eat that entire box herself in a single sitting?  no, absolutely not, but that didn’t stop me from doing it.  it didn’t help that my very first roommate ellen essie was an elite enabler.  we would spend our friday nights laughing on our lofted beds, chomping down on cheez-its, and then falling asleep with all of the lights burning bright.

i wish i could say my passion for cheez-its came to an end along with my college years, but in fact, it did not.  i think, if it’s possible, it might have even grown!  my pantry was never without them, and sometimes there were multiple boxes if publix was having a bogo sale.  it’s like they knew i was going shopping on those days.  i wouldn’t even wait until a box was empty to buy more, for i never wanted to be without them.  in fact, i loved cheez-its so much that my first tweet ever was about how i eat cheez-its in three’s.  one at a time?  nope.  how about two?  not for me, sir.  three cheez-its at once are the perfect bite, and even before i’m done chewing a handful i’m reaching back into the box for more.

as i began traveling regularly for work, the cheez-it buying frenzies were fewer and farther between my local grocer visits.  in fact, the box you see in the picture above is the first one i’ve bought in months.  now, i don’t want cheez-its thinking they’ve done anything wrong.  i still love their commercials and that bright red box, but sometimes your heart grows fonder when there’s a little distance.  i still love this cheesy, salty snack with all my heart’s might and do, too, believe that real cheese matters.

p.s.  i know this picture technically isn’t a selfie, but i still think it’s worthy of the #dailyseflie tradition!

2 thoughts on “#dailyselfie: cheez-it mania

  1. I’m with ya sister!!! I don’t know if you cook, but one of my secret ingredients is to put crushed Cheese-its on top of my homemade mac and cheese. SOOOO GOOD!!! You should check out my new food blog at insidekelskitchen.wordpress.com. I haven’t posted my mac and cheese recipe yet but I will at some point. I usually try to cook healthy, but a girl does need her cheese on occasion!!!

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