circa 1988

january 29th:  the midwest classic conference, a u.s. college athletic conference, is formed.

february 13th-28th:  the winter olympics are held in calgary, alberta, canada.

march 13th:  gallaudet university elects dr. i king jordan as the first deaf president in its history.

march 24th:  the first mcdonald’s restaurant in a country run by a communist party opens in belgrade, yugoslavia.

april 11th:  the last emperor wins nine oscars.

may 27th:  microsoft releases windows 2.1.

june 10th:  spontaneous 100,000 strong mass night-singing demonstrations in estonia eventually give name to the singing revolution.

june 23rd:  nasa scientist james hansen testifies to the senate that man-made global warming has begun.

july 9th:  i quickly made my way into the world in the lovely suburban town of birmingham, alabama.  i have come a long way in the past 26 years, so let me catch you up on all the goings-on.

i started my childhood in an expansive neighborhood off highway 119, spent a small stint on signal mountain in chattanooga, tennessee, and then returned to birmingham for my middle and high school days.  i was your typical quirky, nerdy girl throughout my grade school years.  i did not inherit the athletic abilities of my father as my brothers kyle and clark did, but the creativity and curiosity of my mother were passed to me without hesitation.  music was always part of our lives, so it is no surprise that i found myself in band early on, hardly mastering but enjoying playing the french horn for many years to come.  my crowd of friends was cautious and pleasant, spending our friday nights at football games and our saturday evenings at my coffee shop.  senior year came, graduation went, and then athens called my name.

the university of georgia was good to me for my four years there.  as everyone says during those days, they were the best times of my life.  my older brother kyle and i bonded in that special way that only siblings together in college can.  our seasons together in the redcoat marching band led to some of our fondest memories and closest friendships we still keep.  after semesters of prerequisites, accounting, and coding, i turned my tassel with my classmates, celebrating our long journey to higher education.

back in 2010, i made the expected move into corporate america, where i currently work as a software consultant for a mid-size firm in norcross.  my position has afforded me the luxury of exploring new places and fueling passions and pastimes.  what is it i do these days?  i’m so glad you asked.

i spend my early mornings at the gym a few days a week, doing my part to stay fit.  in the evenings, any number of social events can find their way onto my calendar.  whether it be the monthly book club, outings with the coworkers, or new restaurant wednesday, i somehow manage to pack it all into my bustling schedule.  when i’m not traveling and am actually living in atlanta, you could expect to find me in just about any part of town doing almost anything.  the city is diverse and so much of it remains undiscovered by the people who call this metropolis home.  although i am quite the busy bee on just about any given day, i cannot do without those brief moments of quiet and calm.  being the ringleader around here can be exhausting, but i wouldn’t trade it in for a minute.

you now know some of what i do, but exactly who is it that i am?  as i’ve been told on many occasions, i’m an old soul.  i still buy books and cd’s, i love uncovering treasures at thrift stores, i have an actual home phone.  i have high expectations of the people closest to me.  i love my family and friends and want nothing more than that in return.  my mother and father are my rock, supporting, loving, and caring for me through every stage of life.  my older brother kyle is my watchman, keeping my feet on the ground but allowing my spirit to wander as far as it is safe.  the youngest of us, clark, is often my partner in crime.  when he comes to atlanta, all three of us will be in this city, and history will somehow be made.

the intention of this site is to allow myself a creative outlet, to be a space where i can create logs of the moments i hold dear.  welcome to my world.