a romper for curvy girls!

i was at target the other day with the sole intent to buy new clothes.  one may typically be in target for the necessities and just so happen to drop a hundred bucks on a new outfit (not that i know anything about that), but this time i was fully prepared to browse the racks in pursuit of something fun and light for these summer months.  it’s been a sticky season down here in hotlanta, and on the weekends i try to avoid anything snug at all costs.  gotta let your body breathe!

among the ten or so hangers i ended up taking to the dressing room, i was overjoyed when i found that the lace romper i’d warily picked from the rack actually fit and, if you can believe it, was flattering!  there isn’t too much material that it looks frumpy, and the elastic waistband hits at the right spot, at least on my body.  the only downside?  the zipper is in the back and isn’t the easiest to undo yourself.  i wore the romper saturday night to a friend’s house for grilling out and games and had some girlfriends who were kind enough to unzip me and rezip me after my visits to the ladies’ room.  hehe!

i’ve always wanted a romper, and i think this one is the one for me.  it has good coverage even though it is a little on the shorter side, and the size i got to accommodate my derriere was comfy without swallowing me up top.  another plus?  it didn’t show my sweat, even after four games of kan jam!  it’s a keeper for sure!

never did i ever

well, if that post title isn’t the most open-ended i’ve ever written, i don’t know what is!  never did i ever, in a million years, think i’d spend my hard-earned money on cute loungewear.  first, when i’m relaxing at home, who cares what i’ve got on my body?  second, when i have gym shorts, yoga pants, and oversized t-shirts that i’ve acquired over the years, what’s the need?

well, it’s just that, folks.  it isn’t a need at all; it’s merely a want.  why do i want to feel cute when i’m without makeup and stuffing my face with french onion dip as i catch up on the bachelorette and the americans?  honestly, i’ve no reasonable answer for you.  the only semi-understandable argument for it would be if i had my own reality show and each week people tuned in to see my glamorous life.  i am still holding out for andy cohen and the bravo network to discover me.  someday!  someday!

as i sit here and compose this post, the first image that pops in my head is a scene from the sex and the city movie.  it’s new year’s eve, and carrie bradshaw is celebrating by herself at her apartment in pajamas while eating a cup-o-noodles.  but, wait!  do you see?  those are no ordinary pajamas.  she’s got a string of pearls around her neck!  yes, i promise you’re seeing it correctly.  there’s clearly no need for the necklace, but nonetheless, she’s rocking them like a superstar.  now, i only wish i looked so effortless when i’m just existing in my condo, and maybe this quick scene from one of my favorite movies was the unintentional inspiration.


so, now that we have a back story, what’s the actual story?  well, about a month ago i was moseying around old navy with kari when i spotted a darling lounge hoodie that was unbelievably soft and then, oh yes, just near it was a stylish pair of cuffed sweatpants.  that’s right, i used the words “stylish” and “sweatpants” in the same sentence!  i tried them on in the dressing room and squealed with joy.  how is it possible that simple loungewear can make me happy?  i’ve not a clue why, but i cannot deny my new found love for these two new pieces in my dresser.  i can pretty much guarantee they’ll be worn thin in no time.

now, do we expect i’ll have bags and bags of lululemon swag soon?  i’m thinking no.  i mean, i’ve got to draw the line somewhere, but if we have a slumber party anytime soon, you know what i’ll be sporting, and maybe i’ll even throw on some pearls to dress it up a bit.  😉

“the death of business casual”

okay, so i don’t think i would really consider myself a fashionista.  i simply don’t have enough free time to read through style magazines, watch e!, or peruse the racks at tj maxx and marshall’s for steals on designer brands.

but!  i do know how to put myself together, and thanks to my dad’s critical eye, i know what works with what and what needs to be worn where.  after being in the corporate world for nearly five years now, i also have plenty of experience dressing for clients and colleagues and c-level personnel.  i don’t let my personal style suffer too much, but sometimes you do what you gotta do.

now, with all of this being said, i came across a very interesting article on linkedin today for the men in the audience.  mr. rob madelmayer takes a very quick look at what the styles of corporate men once were and how they compare to what you gentlemen are sporting today.  his generalization is just that, a generalization, but it evoked a moment of pause in my afternoon to think a little more on it.

i will never forget my first day at work, back in june 2010, when my then coworker emmanuel showed up to the office in a suit and tie.  this man knew how to dress himself, and he was looking sharp, and even though a couple of more senior folks gave him a little jab about it, i think a certain level of respect was nearly instantaneous because, whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions do matter.  throughout his time at my company, he continued to dress for success, and it is something people continue to remember about him even though he hasn’t worked here in almost three years.

you might want to say that looks don’t matter, but the clothes you put on your body say a lot about who you are.  they tell, or maybe don’t tell, people “hey, i looked in the mirror this morning and was confident this outfit would be an acceptable way to present myself.”  and even if you never meet a person, if they see you in the grocery store or the local sub shop for lunch, what do you think they’d have to say?

just a little food for thought.