creamy chicken & mushroom potpie

years ago my mom introduced me to a magazine called real simple, and my love for all things domestic turned into an obsession as i read about cleaning tips, gardening advice (not that i’ve put it to use just yet), crafting ideas, and, of course, cooking.  i was trying to decide what to do for sunday dinner tonight, and as i flipped through the many pages of my cookbook, this crock-pot recipe popped right out at me:  creamy chicken and mushroom potpie.  um, yes, please!  we might not be in the dead of winter, and in the hottest heat of summer this classic dish may not sound the most appealing, but i never turn down comfort food.  i don’t remember the last time i had chicken potpie, and when i opened the kitchen door after church, the smells of childhood and home flooded my nose.  it turns out that the dish was just as delicious as it smelled, and i hope you think the same!


p.s.  the only thing i changed in the recipe was that i used biscuits instead of puff pastry because, you know, i’m in the south, and that’s just what we do.

p.p.s.  i also whipped up a mountain of malted milk chocolate chip cookies.  this is what i do with my sundays.  🙂


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