like most of america, i spent last sunday afternoon cleaning house and preparing appetizers for my friends.  it was super bowl sunday!  what better excuse to get together, eat unhealthily, and drink?  i hosted a quaint party of ten at my condo and served up some pretty killer food.  the menu included buffalo chicken dip, spinach and artichoke dip, pimento cheese, chicken wings, and jalapeno poppers.  all homemade.  that’s right.  i slaved away in my little kitchen for three straight hours to get these prepped, mixed, and plated.  i truly do like to think of myself as the hostess with the mostess.

to keep things simple, i have created individual posts for each of the recipes so that you can easily find, read, and reference them.  just click below to read on.

buffalo chicken dip

spinach and artichoke dip

chicken wings

jalapeno poppers

the only exception is the pimento cheese, which i so sweetly stole from the food network.  thanks, sunny anderson!  her recipe recommends serving it with triangular-cut white bread.  i actually served it up with pita chips also, and they were delicious!  this recipe may have been my favorite of the night.  i have, without shame, eaten almost the entire batch myself.

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