good food and good laughs

my long-time family friend gregory has been in town over the past month for audit work here in buckhead.  when he isn’t busy balancing accounts, he joins us in our evening adventures around the city.  most recently, we journeyed to the neighborhood of virginia highlands for a night of comedy with postmodern collapse at the warren city club.

virginia highlands, a cozy neighborhood east of the city, is dotted with bungalow homes, fabulous restaurants, fun bars, and quaint shops for several blocks.  gregory and i found ourselves here as audience to a sketch comedy group called postmodern collapse, a comedy collaborative that performs monthly in different venues around atlanta.

the show was formatted in an ‘snl’ kind of way, each troupe coming up on stage for their scene.  things started off silly with a sketch about yoga on-the-go, or goga!  four or five more scenes took place and then came intermission.  shortly thereafter, things got rolling again with a ‘pmc news hour’ that delivered laughs one right after the other.  although it may not have been very politically correct, it was funny nonetheless.  i mean, it is comedy after all.  the final sketch was based on a post-valentine’s day drunken mistake that could not have been sadder or more pathetic in the most humorous way possible.

the best part about the show was that my good friend jason was a part of it!  he and i met through a church small group years ago and i finally was able to make it to one of his events.  seeing a friend up on stage is so thrilling, and i could not have been more excited for him.  he got to play an out of college, still college bachelor; medieval times knight; and a hungover party boy.  it was a treat!

i had reserved a table for us at the warren city club so that gregory and i could enjoy dinner and the show together.  we were promptly seated just behind the sofas, second row to the entertainment.  we were quick to order drinks and appetizers, seeing as how the show did not start until eight o’clock.  the drink menu was pretty standard, so gregory ordered a blue moon and i had a glass of white.  as for the appetizer, we went with the fried green tomatoes per gregory’s request.  he grew up in milwaukee but knows he belongs in the south, and fried green tomatoes are about as southern as it can get!  they were delicious and eagerly eaten up by the both of us.

our entrees arrived just before intermission – perfect timing!  gregory wasted no time scarfing down his burger, mac’n’cheese, and jalapeno bread pudding.  in his opinion, everything was delicious.  i took a little more time eating my salmon blt and mac’n’cheese.  the servings were quite generous, and both of my dishes were wonderful.  the mac’n’cheese was simple and not overdone.  the salmon blt was monstrous and quite flavorful.  the thick-cut bacon, goat cheese, and onion roll were perfect complements to all the other ingredients.

all-in all our friday evening out was just lovely.  the warren city club is a relaxing and inviting venue that beckons all kinds of patrons.  the service was friendly, the food was delicious, and the entertainment was just what we needed after a long week.  i think what made the night the most fun was the fact that we were witnessing and supporting local talent.  postmodern collapse is a group of lovers and laughers that shares their joy with whoever is willing to watch.

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