i found this lovely little ottoman, poof, perch, settee, seat-thing last weekend and just had to have it.  my old orange footstool was much too worn.  it was time for a replacement.

after moving into my condo last june, i found i had a lot of house to furnish.  okay, maybe a two-bedroom, one-level condo is not “a lot of house,” but it certainly cannot be empty!  enter cost plus world market, my new best friend.  honestly, i would, if possible, probably purchase everything in that store.  it is as though the store was waiting until just the right moment for us to be introduced.  thankfully i did not discover world market until last summer.  otherwise, who knows where I would be…

my style is simply described as eclectic.  i love the inheritance pieces i have from my family and love even more to mix them with modern pieces or even garage sale finds.  once, my mom and i made a trip to the local flea market to find a mirror.  three-hundred dollars later, i had four mirrors, three frames, decorative knick-knacks, and a coffee table.  i really did need it all, promise!

the best thing about this new footstool is that i wasn’t even looking for one.  i actually was on a totally different mission for pillows.  i ended up getting the footstool, new plates, new bowls, no pillows.  oh well.  you always come up on the best finds when you are not even looking.

this footstool is the perfect pairing for the oversized green armchair i have in the corner of my living room.  it is not too matchy-matchy.  it just goes.  the chair was an ikea find, and that darling little pillow?  another treasure from world market.

but the best part of the poof?  it is comfortable.  to sit on.  to put your feet on.  i just cannot stand how perfect it is.

there are days i walk around world market, just wishing i had extra houses and rooms to decorate.  it’s invigorating to think about all the design possibilities, and i think, at times, my imagination may wear me out.  but, as they say, design is never done.

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