proof & provision – atlanta, ga

p and p

after taking a week off, we were back in the swing of things in midtown at proof & provision, a lovely spot nuzzled under the georgian terrace hotel on peachtree.  kyle and kari had actually been just a couple weekends before and said it would be two thumbs up for our hungry crew.  let’s see how things shook out!

p & p is a very cool spot.  after winding down the hotel stairs, you enter a brick-walled bar that feels hidden away from the busy streets of atlanta.  the fact that you are just below ground-level makes you feel like you’re keeping a secret with your delicious food and drinks.  it’s cozy yet roomie, industrial yet warm.  there are large booths for crowds of friends and smaller high-tops for intimate and friendly dinner dates.  i would personally give the atmosphere an a+.  the space is thoughtful yet not overdone and cliché.

the goal at p & p is to create a “comfortable, intimate environment” that serves up “bold flavor combinations paired with masterfully crafted cocktails.”  it’s clear when you look at the menu that each item is very intentionally featured there for good reason.  sous chef stephen bucalo offers dishes that are classic, approachable, and straightforward while master mixologist nate shuman creates relevant and barrel-aged cocktails to complement the eats.  was their food bold?  were their drinks masterfully crafted?  well, let me tell you!

i quite like that the menu at p & p is smaller.  i get overwhelmed when there are too many choices, and there was just enough variety that i could quickly decide what i did or did not want to try that night.  my first course was my drink, which i really did enjoy.  throughout the evening i sipped on the roselyn, a mix of vodka, gin liquer, lemon, grapefruit, raspberry honey, bitters, and soda.  it was slightly sweet without feeling like a dessert drink.  the many fruit flavors didn’t have to compete with one another, and the result was an easy drink that i would readily order again.

p p

considering the cooler spring evening we were having, the tomato soup seemed like an obvious choice, which jamie and jon also tried.  the soup was topped with a puff pastry that was a fun take on the old classic.  i usually throw shredded cheese or goldfish atop my tomato soup, but i happily enjoyed this more grown-up version of it.  although the pastry was a bit difficult to cut with the side of my spoon, it was the perfect combination with the soup.  the pastry was so warm and doughy; i probably could have eaten just a tray of those and been satisfied.  but again, i’m going for “adult,” so i’ll eat my bowl and be content.

as for the other appetizers, christina had ordered the hot pretzel sticks with cheese, of which i now regret not stealing a bite.  kyle had raved about it, but i guess i was too consumed in my soup to even snag some.  my recommendation to you?  try the hot pretzel!  kyle recommended it, i wish i had ordered and eaten it.  that is all.

the southern chicken biscuit is what i ordered for my entrée.  i wasn’t in the mood for pizza, and a sandwich just didn’t sound like what i wanted.  the biscuit arrived on its perfectly sized tray, and i knew i had made a good choice.  i wasn’t hungry enough to eat the entire thing, so i set the top half of the biscuit aside and armed myself with fork and knife.  i guess i didn’t really think it through, but the chicken was topped with a tomato and jalapeno jam, which caused me to pause just before my first bite.  i gingerly set the jalapeno slice aside and had a taste.  the chicken was well fried and not dry, thank goodness.  the jam and pickled mayonnaise provided light flavor, almost too light of flavor.  i wanted more oomph, which is surprising for me to say since i am a spice wimp.  i ate the entire chicken and bottom biscuit, probably more out of hunger than actual desire for the dish.  i liked it, yes, but wouldn’t write home about it.  although i would write about it here…

i will happily go back to p & p, mainly because i like the feel of the place and because the service was just right.  i will definitely try something else, though, because the chicken biscuit wasn’t wonderful enough to get again.  i do appreciate the direction they are trying to take with the atmosphere and menu, and i wouldn’t be surprised to find myself here again before a show at the fox theatre someday.

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