louisville – day 2

after a quick visit to the famed churchill downs friday morning…

…we ventured on over to biscuit belly, another sara-recommended spot.  if i could only say one thing about biscuit belly, it is that we LOVED it.

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but!  i’ll of course say more than just that.  now, after being overcome by what my dad called an “ordering frenzy,” we all settled in with our coffees, both hot and cold brew style.

as i snapped a picture of the cute mugs and glasses, clark so kindly educated us about what the kids are saying and doing these days when it comes to social media.  yes, kelsey, it’s more than just regular blogs like yours.  i learned about “camera eats first,” which about made me die, and then also “influencers in the wild.”  it’s funny how we were victims of these trends without even realizing it.  thank you, clark, for helping your 32 year old sister stay current.  🙂

we put our devices down briefly as our food started coming out, and i think we all felt our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.  so, what exactly did we order?  well, let me tell you.  for the table to share, we ordered the bonuts, the gravy train, and the pancake corndogs.  if you want the inside scoop, try dipping the bonut into the chocolate gravy from the gravy train.  you’ll be in biscuit heaven, i guarantee it.

but don’t forget that we all also had our entrees, as if we needed more!  we tried the love shack, the basic biscuit, and the rockwell.

i told you we ordered a lot!  we were at our table for nearly two hours just eating and drinking and solving all the world’s problems.  it was a homerun, and i think we all left wishing we had a location in each of our hometowns.

with bellies full of biscuits (see what i did there?), we wandered west and took a tour of the louisville slugger museum and factory.  phillip had gone once on a choir field trip many years ago and suggested we include it in our plans.

well, i’ll say it was a great little excursion.  after a quick intro video that explains where they get the wood (which was actually very interesting), a tour guide leads you through the factory floor, which is where all louisville slugger bats are made.  the tour takes you all the way from the initial shaping of the bat to the smoothing and finally to the painting.

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there are some interactive exhibits, which include someone hand-shaping a bat and famous bats you can hold.  yes, that is the famous kelsey foot-op you’re seeing there.  i just had to!

friday definitely qualified as our activity day, because the fun wasn’t over just yet.  after parking the car back at the hotel, we walked a couple blocks up to ovrdrive.  dad had snagged a few free activity coupons from the hotel concierge, so we decided to check it out.

there’s plenty of stuff to do at ovrdrive.  you can drink, you can eat, you can break stuff in the rage room, you can do virtual racing, and you can also do axe throwing.  i know, i wasn’t quite sure at first, but after a quick lesson and a few practice throws, we had the hang of it in no time!  clark and phillip preferred the single-hand throw while i attempted to master the double-hand throw.  i didn’t know what to expect, but i think it’s fair to say we had fun and could easily give it another go sometime.  just about anything is worth trying once!

as you can imagine, we worked up quite an appetite with all that throwing, so we piled up in the hyundai and drove over to impellizzeri’s pizza.  one of the ovrdrive employees recommended it, and since we’d already had some great meals per the locals’ suggestion, we figured imp’s (as they call it there) was worth a try.

it didn’t take us long to decide upon the margherita and the chicken bacon ranch pizzas.  both were liked by everyone at the table.  i personally could have devoured the chicken bacon ranch by myself.  the dough was soft and fresh, and that crispy bacon on top was irresistible.

as much as i wanted another slice of pizza, i had to cut myself off because we had big plans for dessert.  i mean, BIG plans.  what could i be referring to?  graeter’s!  yes, we discovered there was a graeter’s in louisville and zipped over there once the dinner check was paid.

phillip was practically busting down the doors to get inside and looked just like a kid in a candy store as he considered his options.  clark had salted caramel, i had the signature black raspberry chocolate chip, and phillip went for a double scoop dish, one of buckeye blitz chocolate chip and one of dark chocolate brownie.  i mean, that’s a pretty happy guy right there.

we scraped our cups for the last few bites and headed out as graeter’s closed up shop for the evening.  but don’t worry.  we went back to graeter’s the next night, because when you’re within driving distance of a graeter’s, you simply must go!  🙂

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