yeah, i’m into fitness

so, i might have dragged my boyfriend phillip to the five a.m. class at orange theory fitness this past wednesday…i know!  i know!  what kind of girlfriend am i, peeling him out of bed hours before sunup so that he could physically exert himself to no end?  the best kind of girlfriend, that’s the kind!  haha, okay, maybe not the best, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy himself.  he got all strapped up in a pod, and with towel and water bottle in hand, he hit the treadmill a few minutes past the hour.

we were on different rotations in the class, but i caught his eye in the mirrors a couple times as we pushed up inclines on the treadmills and grunted through concentrated bicep curls.  at the end of the hour-long class, he’d burned an impressive 1,062 calories – what girlfriend wouldn’t be proud!  and you know what the best part was?  he had that after-effect as promised, energy throughout the day and good nights of restful sleep.  it’s amazing what a little physical exercise can do for the body!

i don’t always wake up with such a go-get-’em attitude.  honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that they’d charge me for missing classes, i think this picture would pretty much depict my general attitude towards working out.


but, i’m always glad after i go, knowing that i’ve got it out of the way first thing in the day and that i can enjoy what the morning, afternoon, and evening may bring.  i mean, you can’t deny the happy faces here, right?  right!  you’ll be seeing us back there again, no doubt about it.


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