fabulous fabletics!

okay, loyal readers.  today i am finally going to bring you my uncensored, unbiased, and absolutely honest review of kate hudson’s fabletics.  it all started, actually, a long while back when kate began advertising on tv her activewear, fitness, & workout clothing line.  the commercials were and still are completely adorable and fully focused on the product.  and, something that’s even cooler now is that her commercials and website are promoting the clothes for larger ladies, aka real-sized ladies.  can i get an amen?!

so, after watching cute little kate run around with her besties commercial after commercial, i couldn’t resist.  the kicker that really convinced me to give in was their latest promotion, which is two pairs of leggings for only $24.  yes, you read that correctly.  usually one pair at a local athletic store costs at least thirty bucks.  so, two for even less than that seemed like quite a bargain.  plus, i’ve been wearing the same three workout outfits for longer than i’d care to admit, so the timing seemed perfect.

with that i signed up for my vip membership last week and had a fun time picking out which prints, lengths, and cuts i liked most.  and, of course, after you pick out your leggings you get special pricing on all sorts of other items.  so, it was easy for me to throw a tank top into my cart as well.  i mean, when the deal is too good to pass up, you must act on it!

i placed my order, shut my laptop lid, and waited with high anticipation for my package to arrive.  it took about a week to be delivered to my condo stoop, just in time for my 10:00 a.m. class at buckhead orangetheory.  for this morning’s workout i decided to pair my new aventura tank with the polly capri (i also can’t wait to try out the cherise legging, which was my second legging choice).  i loved the polly print on the website and, will confess now, that i also love it in person.  perfect for summer workouts!

polly print up close.

before i hustled out the door, i made the saddest attempt at a mirror selfie.  i mean, look at that awkward smile.  i honestly don’t know how people do this…

and then i asked phillip to take a more flattering photo that, with an undesirable upward angle, ended up being a little bit of a mess, too.

don’t fear, though!  my post workout pics are gnarly!

but, before we get to those, let’s talk about fit and performance of these two pieces.  first, the tank.  i ordered the aventura tank in an extra large (i usually wear xl tops and am bra size 36/38) and was quite thankful it fit just fine.  when i had taken it out of the packaging i was worried it was going to suction itself to every nook and cranny of my torso, but it actually fell on my body in a very comfortable way.

next, i also ordered the polly capri in an extra large.  after i snipped the tag off and began wiggling myself into them, i was quite worried they were going to be too small.  however, once i got them up and on, they felt secure and snug and in control.  the only concern i had was that as i sat to slip on my socks and shoes i heard the tiniest little tears, and my guess is some of the seam stitches were popping.  well, isn’t that nice.  let’s just blame this on the fact that they’re brand new and need to be worn a little bit?  sure, let’s go with that…

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yeah, i’m into fitness

so, i might have dragged my boyfriend phillip to the five a.m. class at orange theory fitness this past wednesday…i know!  i know!  what kind of girlfriend am i, peeling him out of bed hours before sunup so that he could physically exert himself to no end?  the best kind of girlfriend, that’s the kind!  haha, okay, maybe not the best, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy himself.  he got all strapped up in a pod, and with towel and water bottle in hand, he hit the treadmill a few minutes past the hour.

we were on different rotations in the class, but i caught his eye in the mirrors a couple times as we pushed up inclines on the treadmills and grunted through concentrated bicep curls.  at the end of the hour-long class, he’d burned an impressive 1,062 calories – what girlfriend wouldn’t be proud!  and you know what the best part was?  he had that after-effect as promised, energy throughout the day and good nights of restful sleep.  it’s amazing what a little physical exercise can do for the body!

i don’t always wake up with such a go-get-’em attitude.  honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that they’d charge me for missing classes, i think this picture would pretty much depict my general attitude towards working out.


but, i’m always glad after i go, knowing that i’ve got it out of the way first thing in the day and that i can enjoy what the morning, afternoon, and evening may bring.  i mean, you can’t deny the happy faces here, right?  right!  you’ll be seeing us back there again, no doubt about it.


a winning combination

okay, folks.  i know it’s been a ridiculous two weeks since my last post, but i’ve been giving myself the evenings off lately.  it’s nice to come home and not plug myself right back into my computer after sitting in front of it for eight hours straight.  so yes, i have been a bit selfish, but i assure you that i shall always return.  🙂

although fashion and beauty may not be the focus of my blog, i know that they’ve been the topics of conversation a little bit lately.  today’s post is no different, as i just have to tell you all about the new face care regimen i’ve got going.

several weeks back, sarah was in town for nrw at thai bua in town brookhaven, and after scarfing down platefuls of delicious sushi and pad thai, she joined me across the street at publix to pick up a few groceries.  i was in desperate need of facewash, so we headed to the skincare aisle.  i asked her if she had any recommendations, as i always tend to just go with something cheaper and store-brand.  she immediately replied “yes” and helped me find the acnedote face & body scrub by alba botanica.  she uses it on her face and body in the shower, so after making my purchase, i did the same.

i was startled when i plopped that first dollop out on my hand – this stuff is grainy and brown!  it threw me for a second, but then i rubbed it in my hands, washed my face, rinsed off, and patted dry.  after a month’s worth of time, i can give it the same rave review sarah has.  there’s no harsh chemical smell in this product even though it has the maximum strength 2% salicylic acid for a deep clean.  the ground walnut shell isn’t scratchy and doesn’t feel like you’re scraping off that first layer of sensitive facial skin.  it’s light and gentle enough that you can use it daily, just like me!  i liked it so much on my face that i started using it with my loofa while showering also.  i’m not sure how much of the effect is placebo, but i have received compliments on smoother skin.  how about that!

part of the credit for this healthier glow must also go to the alaffia fair trade african coconut oil my previous stylist karen suggested for me.  as she was trimming my bangs one day at the salon, i mentioned that i wanted to start using a moisturizer but didn’t really know where to start.  anything oily or thick was out of the question.  i didn’t need anything scented, just something that would get the job done.  without hesitation she recommended coconut oil.  “coconut oil?” i asked with a bit of curiosity.  i think i was confused because when i hear oil, i picture something a bit more liquidy, not necessarily something i’d use as a lotion, per say.  she assured me it would work wonders, so i took her advice and ran with it.  you can find this particular alaffia brand of coconut oil at whole foods, which is where i got mine.  for about nine bucks, you get a huge tub of the stuff, and i promise it is going to last you a while.  the texture is almost crisco-y, but i hesitate to say that because the thought of applying crisco directly to my face makes me want to be ill.  anyway, it’s kind of got that texture.  all you need to do is kind of scrape some out of there, place it in the palm of one hand, and then use the fingers from your other hand to kind of rub it around and melt it.  it’ll become more liquidy and you can then apply it to your face.  a little goes a long way here, so start out with a smaller portion; there is plenty in that jar if you need more.  this coconut oil isn’t heavy, but it does take a little bit to soak into the skin.  i usually only use it at night, but if i want to use it in the morning, i make sure i put it on about an hour before i apply any makeup, just to be safe.

wash and lotion

do i have a completely clear face these days?  not necessarily.  after all, i am a woman in her mid-20s, so there’s all sorts of hormones flying around.  however, i am seeing a more even skin tone overall, and i certainly can testify that my skin feels softer.  if you’re looking to give a new product a try, might a suggest either of these?

oh, and because you’re such a sweet and loyal reader, here are some flowers.  they were a gift from phillip, but i don’t think he’ll mind if i share them with you all.


can you run it, run it?

it’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen.  race time!  with spring upon us, the city of atlanta comes alive as a running town, folks taking the park, sidewalks, and beltline wherever their feet may carry them.  well, this year a few of us joined in on the organized fun by running the publix half marathon and full marathon.

let me tell you now, nothing wakes you up like a 13.1- or 26.2-mile run early on a sunday morning, especially when it’s cooler and rainy.  yep, that’ll definitely do it.  i got to centennial olympic park a touch early (i don’t think arriving at 5:45 a.m. was totally necessary, but whatever), and i wish i could say i was feeling motivated.  the precipitation and temperature weren’t thrilling me, but at least the sight of the ferris wheel cheered me up a little bit.  hey, whatever it takes, right?


i was accompanied by bank, liz, and behrle soon enough, and before i knew it, we were dropping off our bags at gear check and heading towards the start line.  i had debated greatly whether or not to take my sousa rain jacket, but that thing is all kinds of insulated, and even though it was cold at the moment, i guessed i might not need it once the running got started.

behrle trotted to corral d, bank found a spot in corral i, and i just kind of joined the end of the pack.  i mean, my time didn’t begin until i crossed the start line, so what was the rush?  i kid you not when i say there’s absolutely no rush in beginning a multi-hour run.  nope, not even a tiny bit!

i had run this course back in 2013 with mild success.  i hadn’t trained as well for that race, and my results suffered.  i had to walk the last three miles and ended up with a final time well over the three-hour mark.  although it’s still quite a feat, i wasn’t personally satisfied, so this year i was coming back with a vengeance, determined to show this course who’s boss.  or is it baus?

regardless, i began my race right after the seven o’clock hour and set off into the dark morning.  i like to keep myself at a steady pace, so i gladly let other runners pass me left and right.  my goal for this race was to run the entire thing and get done in under three hours.  i’ve done it before at my first half marathon in athens, and i wanted to prove to this one that i could do it again.

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get swol!

as you may already know, i am not much of an athlete.  in fact, i stopped playing sports nearly 15 years ago because they just weren’t for me.  however, i am quite the sports fan.  baseball, football, basketball.  in that order.  as someone who is a sports fan and enjoys some kind of physical activity, i made the new year’s resolution last month that so many of us do:  go to the gym more.  get fit.  get healthy.  get in shape.  for me the hope is that this journey through a physical transformation (however dramatic or not) will just simply increase my quality of life.  i feel well, the doctor tells me i am healthy, but i know there is something a little more i can do.

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