death from above

as a software consultant, i have met many people, most of whom i like.  one of those folks is mark polino, a certified microsoft mvp.  mark’s success as a consultant has catapulted him into an exclusive realm of fame, a place to where only the most nerdy and dedicated are privy.  he has his own fan base for goodness sakes!

after many years of successful implementations, mark began to dip his toes into fictional writing with his dynamics gp short stories.  mark and i were coworkers at the time, and being a bit of a bookworm myself, he often asked me to read over his writing to critique and edit the work.  it was fun to see the quirky applications of accounting software in marginally realistic settings; i soon saw he had a way with words and with capturing a reader’s attention and imagination.

so, many short stories and consulting books later, mark has finally published his first, full-length fictional novel death from above.  we find ourselves on a bit of a sci-fi mystery with investigator jennifer lynch who is desperately searching for an answer to explain planes that are mysteriously dropping from the sky.  on her journey, jennifer joins forces with a peculiar personality in lizard wong and inquisitive expert max gutierrez.  is jennifer able to follow the clues and save thousands of more lives?  or does the mayan god q’uq’umatz continue to have his way?  i suppose you’ll have to read it for your self to see!

mark was kind to mail me a signed copy a couple of weeks ago, and you can bet that thing is propped up in my cube at work for everyone to see.  i almost feel like a proud parent!

mark – thank you for a humorous tale of mystery and creativity.  i cannot wait to see what you dream up next!

death from above is available in paperback on amazon.  you can also purchase the ebook version on your kindle, nook, or kobo.

2 thoughts on “death from above

  1. i’m sitting here thinking, “i like fictional thrillers… that this could be an interesting book.” and then all of a sudden you throw in a mayan god, and that pretty much sealed the deal. i’m going to have to get this book.

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