dc – day 3

so, i know you all have been dying to find out how i spent my last day in dc, yes?  i thought so!  sunday we lounged about lazily (no surprise there) before we strolled back down to the eastern market area for more eats.  we were meeting up with my college friend ann for brunch and to, of course, sit outside.

we found ourselves dining at matchbox, and it was a wonderful choice.  when you’re tucked in among dozens of other restaurants on 8th street, you’ve got to make sure you are doing something unique and impressive to first get people in the door and then, secondly, to keep them coming back.  matchbox has quite a varietal menu, ranging from their well-known pizzas and crusts to their simple and classic bistro dishes.  the staff was quite friendly and attentive, and i expect it’s a great spot to come after a long day at work.

between bites of cinnamon rolls (evan stole the middle roll, i was so jealous!) and shrimp and grits, we did all the catching up that three wonderful women can do.  again, it is such a treat to get to spend time soaking up the sun and having sparkling conversation with people so near and dear to your heart.  it was the perfect last meal before my trek home, and i only hope it isn’t too long before i find myself back up there.

we exchanged bittersweet goodbyes after paying the bill, and then evan and i somehow ended up back at the market stands to discover more treasures.  i swear, there was some invisible, magnetic pull that dragged us back over there!  evan was on the hunt for vases and flowers, and i had no trouble helping her spend some hard-earned cash.  warning:  i am the best and worst person to shop with, all at the same time.  if you like something and it would make you happy have, i will encourage you to buy it, and in every color.  and if it’s on the expensive side, i’ll easily sway you by reminding you that you make money to spend money.  seriously, ask evan and my brother’s fiancée kari.  they will testify!

our attention was caught by a vendor with a few tables of items that appeared to be quite a mish-mash of different odds and ends.  he politely welcomed us and said to let us know if we have any questions.  i personally have a very eclectic style, so many of the things i suggested to evan were met with a polite “no.”  that’s alright; different strokes for different folks!  her eyes finally found a tall pewter vase.  “it would be perfect for the hallway table on your landing!” i exclaimed.  see how i did that?  you have to be able to picture yourself living with it, exactly where it would go.  we knew that one was coming home with us, but we continued to rummage around in case anything else leapt out at us.

and then there they were!  these strange, hand-carved vases in mustard yellow and cream.  i jumped over to evan in excitement to take a closer look.  “evan, they’re just so cool!  and unusual!”  yes, they were both of those things.  evan looked a little hesitant, but then the vendor made her an offer for the three vases that she just could not refuse.  “wrap them up!” i said “we’ll take them all!”  again, if you do not want to spend money, do not go shopping with me.  that is the first and only warning you will receive.

“well, now we need flowers!”  we made our way to the south hall market to find the perfect flowers for these perfect vases.  the selection at the blue iris flowers stand was just stunning.  evan showed the assistant the pewter vase we were filling.  she asked for the vase, grabbed some beautiful pinky-orange roses, disappeared behind the counter, and returned with them cut and arranged just perfectly.  how fabulous!  we also grabbed a bunch of sprightly dandelions for the hand-carved vases.

“okay, we have to get home before i spend more money!”  we hustled back to the house, dropped our things, and spent a good thirty minutes arranging and rearranging everything.  we leaned the cutting boards against one another, stacked some books, shuffled around the vases, stood back, and ah!  it was perfect!  i know people say money can’t buy you happiness, but i’d say we were pretty overjoyed.

by then it was nearly two o’clock.  well, my flight left at three, just a short hour later.  we raced to get my things packed and then thrown in the car.  why is it that time flies when you are having so much fun?  i guess i’ll just have to be back again soon!  and i can guarantee you’ll find me writing about my next trip here before too long.

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