this post is for the ladies


well, now that i think about it, it might be for the fellas, too, considering the picture.  if any of you women are athletic or active in any way, you know the importance of well-fitted support.  especially my busty sisters out there.  after years of generally uncomfortable bras, i decided it was time to spend a little dough on something better.  you get what you pay for, right?

i figured what better place than victoria’s secret.  i popped in, wasted no time, and quickly waved down an associate to lend a hand.  she was quite helpful once i told her what i was searching for, and it was only a matter of minutes before i knew i had found the one.  the incredible by victoria’s secret sports bra is supportive, curve-hugging, and keeps everything in place, just where they should be.  i picked out two fun colors and have been wearing them during my workouts for the past couple of months without complaint.  if you’re looking for new athletic wear, ladies, your search ends here.

p.s.  at check-out i was given a sample of the bombshells in bloom fragrance.  it is sweet and delightful and i have ordered a whole bottle for myself.

p.p.s.  just to clarify, that picture is not of me, and although i may be envious of this model’s smoldering looks, i know she is jealous of the unbearably exciting life i am leading here in atlanta.  surely she is!

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