i think i love

many moons ago i discovered the british singer and songwriter jamie cullum in a birmingham best buy aisle.  he is hands-down, without a doubt, my favorite artist.  one of the tracks from his album pursuit is everything a love song could be:  “i think i love.”  him and the piano. mm.  here are the lyrics for you to enjoy yourself.  and while you’re at it, why not give it a listen, too?

i think i love

every single little crack on your face

i think i love

even our most casual embrace

you don’t have to try

cause i’ve made up my mind

baby, i think i love you today

remember that time

you threw a can of beer at me like a stone

you drunk too much wine

and threw up in the taxi cab on the way home

you looked like a mess

but i must confess

baby, i think i love you today

when i think what we could do

if i could only say to you, yeah

all of these,

well do i dare

and would you care?

i think i love

every time you honor me with a kiss

i think i love

well, there are just a million things i could list

should let you know

but maybe tomorrow

baby, i think i love you today

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