fabulous fabletics!

okay, loyal readers.  today i am finally going to bring you my uncensored, unbiased, and absolutely honest review of kate hudson’s fabletics.  it all started, actually, a long while back when kate began advertising on tv her activewear, fitness, & workout clothing line.  the commercials were and still are completely adorable and fully focused on the product.  and, something that’s even cooler now is that her commercials and website are promoting the clothes for larger ladies, aka real-sized ladies.  can i get an amen?!

so, after watching cute little kate run around with her besties commercial after commercial, i couldn’t resist.  the kicker that really convinced me to give in was their latest promotion, which is two pairs of leggings for only $24.  yes, you read that correctly.  usually one pair at a local athletic store costs at least thirty bucks.  so, two for even less than that seemed like quite a bargain.  plus, i’ve been wearing the same three workout outfits for longer than i’d care to admit, so the timing seemed perfect.

with that i signed up for my vip membership last week and had a fun time picking out which prints, lengths, and cuts i liked most.  and, of course, after you pick out your leggings you get special pricing on all sorts of other items.  so, it was easy for me to throw a tank top into my cart as well.  i mean, when the deal is too good to pass up, you must act on it!

i placed my order, shut my laptop lid, and waited with high anticipation for my package to arrive.  it took about a week to be delivered to my condo stoop, just in time for my 10:00 a.m. class at buckhead orangetheory.  for this morning’s workout i decided to pair my new aventura tank with the polly capri (i also can’t wait to try out the cherise legging, which was my second legging choice).  i loved the polly print on the website and, will confess now, that i also love it in person.  perfect for summer workouts!

polly print up close.

before i hustled out the door, i made the saddest attempt at a mirror selfie.  i mean, look at that awkward smile.  i honestly don’t know how people do this…

and then i asked phillip to take a more flattering photo that, with an undesirable upward angle, ended up being a little bit of a mess, too.

don’t fear, though!  my post workout pics are gnarly!

but, before we get to those, let’s talk about fit and performance of these two pieces.  first, the tank.  i ordered the aventura tank in an extra large (i usually wear xl tops and am bra size 36/38) and was quite thankful it fit just fine.  when i had taken it out of the packaging i was worried it was going to suction itself to every nook and cranny of my torso, but it actually fell on my body in a very comfortable way.

next, i also ordered the polly capri in an extra large.  after i snipped the tag off and began wiggling myself into them, i was quite worried they were going to be too small.  however, once i got them up and on, they felt secure and snug and in control.  the only concern i had was that as i sat to slip on my socks and shoes i heard the tiniest little tears, and my guess is some of the seam stitches were popping.  well, isn’t that nice.  let’s just blame this on the fact that they’re brand new and need to be worn a little bit?  sure, let’s go with that…

now that i was all suited up, it was time for the real test.  how did i feel while actually working out in my new fabletics gear?  well, since the tank was loose i had no issues lifting weights or working out on the row machine.  i also like that the scoop neckline isn’t too low.  the capris were also very comfortable during my workout.  the only “issue,” if i would even call it that, is that after spending about 25 minutes on the treadmill in these capris, i was hot.  i mean, i usually work up a sweat but i felt like i was pouring buckets today!  now, this could have been due to the thicker layers of the capris, but it also could be that the workout room wasn’t as cool as it normally is.  regardless, they definitely got me sweating which, i suppose, is part of the intent.

so!  now that i had burned all those calories, how did i feel?  i felt great!  i was energized for the saturday ahead of me and was glad to mark my workout off my to-do list.  i mean, i think it’s hard to argue with these pictures, am i right?  eh, i tried.  clearly the next thing to do today is attend a selfie-taking class.

it felt wonderful to rock my new attire at the gym and i’m happy to have these new pieces in my closet.  i don’t know if each month i’ll need my vip subscription, but it’s good that i know which size works for me and that i’m comfortable being active in the clothes.  although a workout isn’t about how you look while doing it, feeling confident in what you wear tends to naturally be a motivation booster.  so, if you’re in the market for fun, comfortable, and affordable new activewear, give kate and fabletics a chance and let me know what you think!

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