“the death of business casual”

okay, so i don’t think i would really consider myself a fashionista.  i simply don’t have enough free time to read through style magazines, watch e!, or peruse the racks at tj maxx and marshall’s for steals on designer brands.

but!  i do know how to put myself together, and thanks to my dad’s critical eye, i know what works with what and what needs to be worn where.  after being in the corporate world for nearly five years now, i also have plenty of experience dressing for clients and colleagues and c-level personnel.  i don’t let my personal style suffer too much, but sometimes you do what you gotta do.

now, with all of this being said, i came across a very interesting article on linkedin today for the men in the audience.  mr. rob madelmayer takes a very quick look at what the styles of corporate men once were and how they compare to what you gentlemen are sporting today.  his generalization is just that, a generalization, but it evoked a moment of pause in my afternoon to think a little more on it.

i will never forget my first day at work, back in june 2010, when my then coworker emmanuel showed up to the office in a suit and tie.  this man knew how to dress himself, and he was looking sharp, and even though a couple of more senior folks gave him a little jab about it, i think a certain level of respect was nearly instantaneous because, whether we like to admit it or not, first impressions do matter.  throughout his time at my company, he continued to dress for success, and it is something people continue to remember about him even though he hasn’t worked here in almost three years.

you might want to say that looks don’t matter, but the clothes you put on your body say a lot about who you are.  they tell, or maybe don’t tell, people “hey, i looked in the mirror this morning and was confident this outfit would be an acceptable way to present myself.”  and even if you never meet a person, if they see you in the grocery store or the local sub shop for lunch, what do you think they’d have to say?

just a little food for thought.

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