never did i ever

well, if that post title isn’t the most open-ended i’ve ever written, i don’t know what is!  never did i ever, in a million years, think i’d spend my hard-earned money on cute loungewear.  first, when i’m relaxing at home, who cares what i’ve got on my body?  second, when i have gym shorts, yoga pants, and oversized t-shirts that i’ve acquired over the years, what’s the need?

well, it’s just that, folks.  it isn’t a need at all; it’s merely a want.  why do i want to feel cute when i’m without makeup and stuffing my face with french onion dip as i catch up on the bachelorette and the americans?  honestly, i’ve no reasonable answer for you.  the only semi-understandable argument for it would be if i had my own reality show and each week people tuned in to see my glamorous life.  i am still holding out for andy cohen and the bravo network to discover me.  someday!  someday!

as i sit here and compose this post, the first image that pops in my head is a scene from the sex and the city movie.  it’s new year’s eve, and carrie bradshaw is celebrating by herself at her apartment in pajamas while eating a cup-o-noodles.  but, wait!  do you see?  those are no ordinary pajamas.  she’s got a string of pearls around her neck!  yes, i promise you’re seeing it correctly.  there’s clearly no need for the necklace, but nonetheless, she’s rocking them like a superstar.  now, i only wish i looked so effortless when i’m just existing in my condo, and maybe this quick scene from one of my favorite movies was the unintentional inspiration.


so, now that we have a back story, what’s the actual story?  well, about a month ago i was moseying around old navy with kari when i spotted a darling lounge hoodie that was unbelievably soft and then, oh yes, just near it was a stylish pair of cuffed sweatpants.  that’s right, i used the words “stylish” and “sweatpants” in the same sentence!  i tried them on in the dressing room and squealed with joy.  how is it possible that simple loungewear can make me happy?  i’ve not a clue why, but i cannot deny my new found love for these two new pieces in my dresser.  i can pretty much guarantee they’ll be worn thin in no time.

now, do we expect i’ll have bags and bags of lululemon swag soon?  i’m thinking no.  i mean, i’ve got to draw the line somewhere, but if we have a slumber party anytime soon, you know what i’ll be sporting, and maybe i’ll even throw on some pearls to dress it up a bit.  😉

2 thoughts on “never did i ever

  1. Hello, I very much enjoyed going through your post; super cool, interesting (and stylish too!!) Really fun perspective and story telling technique! Keep it up! Come check out my blog if you get the chance, I recently posted my favourite looks from Cannes film festival, would love to know what you think?
    Keep blogging,

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