new mexico – day 2

our bodies were still two hours ahead, so when we woke up early friday morning, we decided to make the most of the day and start out with a workout at otf albuquerque. a short 5-minute drive away, we arrived at the studio and were politely cautioned by the front desk staff about exercising at high altitudes (less oxygen, folks). we did heed their warning and felt a big difference even in just the first few minutes of the warm-up! i quickly realized i needed to slow it down and pace myself if i was going to last the entire class, which i somehow did (even if just barely). coach greg was kind and checked in on us regularly and thanked us for joining him.

feel the burn!

with our bodies now feeling a little more tired but also a little stronger, we naturally now needed to refuel them. cue the next food scene! we were ready for some brunch action over at the range cafe. this place is funky and cozy and warm and open all at the same time, and the smells that hit our noses right as we walked in had me thinking, “yes, i think this is gonna be good.”

we sipped on gigantic mugs of coffee, scarfed down a cinnamon roll (better than frontier’s, in my opinion), and split the huevos rancheros. our waiter was extremely pleasant (as were most folks we encountered in new mexico), and we left 100% satisfied. part of me wishes we’d gone back because so much on the menu sounded so good. next time, next time. 🙂

the weather that afternoon was pretty dreary, so we decided spending time insight the indian pueblo cultural center sounded like a perfect idea.

it was very humbling reading about the history of the 19 pueblos across the state and was educational seeing how they lived then and now. probably our favorite part of the cultural center was the pivot skateboard exhibit. the exhibit showcased pieces from artists across the state’s pueblos who used skateboard decks as their medium and a variety of materials to express how they manage differences in and pivot among multiple culturals. these individuals are very inspiring and talented, and i loved seeing the range of creations, from traditional and simple to modern and colorful. how lucky we were to be visiting while they were on display!

i think it’d been a few hours since brunch, so we hit up one of the final restaurant recommendations we’d been sent, sadie’s. sadie’s seems like the kind of place that is considered a new mexico institution, and i would say we liked sadie’s just fine. the guacamole was fresh and chunky (just how i like it), our entree’s flavor was as big as the plate, and their specialty margarita was dangerously delicious. i don’t know what they put in that mix, but even just one was enough for me.

we were now at a weird time of day. we were kind of tired from all the day’s activities but not quite ready to call it a night, so we decided to venture on over to old town. these pictures do it nearly no justice, but i’m sure when the weather is more agreeable, this place is bustling with locals and visitors alike popping in and out of cute trinket shops and their favorite eateries and bars.

from across the square, phillip noticed on the upper level a sign for a brewery called downshift. done and done! i feel like many breweries have similar looks and vibes, but downshift is doing their whole thing entirely, and i’d say it’s working for them. this spot is dog-friendly (we saw so many goodest boys and goodest girls), charming, and inviting. there are several seating areas and even high-tops outside when it’s warm.

we grabbed a bench in the corner, settled in with our flights, and played a new-to-us game called what’s the point? i don’t know if it was the spontaneous spirit in the air, the refreshing beer, or the adventure of trying something new, but i think for phillip and me both, this spot was our favorite of the day.

by the time we paid our tab, it was dark out, and we were pretty much ready to call it a day. not in the mood to dine in someplace else, we swung by dion’s and took back to the hotel a small kansas city pizza. i know what you are going to ask, could we do anything less authentic? i’d say yes, but our pizza was accompanied by two cups of zippy, rich green chile ranch for dipping. so, we had some authentic condiments with it at least! 🙂

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