something special

of the gifts for me under the tree this year, one of my favorites (among many) is a necklace designed by a girlfriend of mine.  i was in awe when i unwrapped the tissue paper – a simple necklace with character, it is perfect against a solid blouse or, as i am wearing, on something with more of a subtle print.


the prism pendant is unique and, i think, will easily be a conversation starter.  it’s classy and simple and intriguing all at the same time, so don’t be surprised if you see it on me a lot.  i tend to wear out the pieces i love, which probably isn’t a bad thing.  🙂

as i wore it around town while running errands, i smiled as i realized that i know the person who created this necklace.  i know how much work and creativity she put into it, and that’s pretty special if you ask me.  a thoughtful gesture like this necklace is one that will last a very long while and will be something i look forward to wearing often.

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