pedicures for everyone!

with most of us home in birmingham for the holiday, it was a no-brainer that getting pedicures yesterday at the nearby foxy nails & spa salon would be a family affair.  dad and clark needed their nails trimmed and mom and i needed new color on our toes.

with dozens of chairs on either side of the salon, the front desk attendant quickly seated us at four together over on the right.  we all slipped off our shoes and slid back into the comfy massage chairs.

dad doesn’t get pedicures often, so it was a sight in and of itself to watch him get the massage going at exactly the right speed in exactly the right spot.  i’ll let your imagination run wild with this scene, for we hardly are ever a quiet bunch!

once our feet were soaking in the piping hot water, our technicians got to work quickly.  mom, clark, and i indulged in the spa pedicure while dad went the ultra relaxation route with the foxy deluxe pedicure.  how fancy!  nails were clipped, legs were massaged, feet were rubbed, and we all slowly sank into pedicure heaven.  see how happy everyone is when we’re all together?!


technician derek finished off my pedicure with a couple sparkling coats of opi’s let your love shine – i just had to have something glamorous for ringing in the new year!  we wiggled my flip flops back on and i went to sit under the dryer so that the perfect pedicure could settle.  (i apologize for the poor picture quality – it was a balmy december day in the ‘ham!).


since dad’s pedicure package included some more treatments, he enjoyed the last few minutes of pampering while clark got a quick manicure to clean up his fingernails.  i’m sure you can picture the mounds of fun we all had as we chatted and people watched and enjoyed some good family time together.

after about an hour of fun, our time at the salon was all done.  dad’s feet looked fresh, clark’s hands were rejuvenated, and mom’s toes were prettily polished in opi’s ro-man-ce on the moon!  all in all, a lovely afternoon that, as usual with our family, was anything but average.

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