remember this gem?

i was cruising along in my mazda 2 the other day when, all of a sudden on 98.5, i heard a gem from way back in 2013.  yes, ladies and gentlemen, i am talking about that hit “blurred lines” by mr. robin thicke, t.i., and pharrell.

did it get overplayed?  sure.  wait, that isn’t the right answer.  YES.  every station, regardless of genre it seemed, blasted “blurred lines” about, i’d say, three times an hour that year just to be sure that you would hear it while scanning through your radio presets.  i’d worried the world had forgotten about this track!  lo and behold, it hasn’t been forgotten, just buried deep in the 21st century past.

and when thinking about “blurred lines,” it’s hard not to recall jimmy fallon’s classroom instrument rendition.  ah, yes, late-night television is a gift from the gods.

in all seriousness, i could not contain my excitement as a i bopped my head along with the beat and sang every word off-tune.  my perfectly pitched boyfriend phillip would have, without question, been highly embarrassed for me, but what he doesn’t know is that car karaoke is one of my hidden talents, among the many others.  wink wink!

after the song ended, i spent the rest of my drive remembering all of my robin thicke favorites.  first up?  the fabulous and unpredictable music video to “give it 2 u.”  i mean, it’s kind of hard to resist it when there are bottles of champagne walking around on a football field.

and then, perhaps my favorite thicke song of all time, i remembered with a smile “lost without u” from 2006.  ah, yes, so seductive and sweet.  see, i do have a sensual side!

the next question?  when is robin going to come out with more music?  i need another instant hit to get me through the end of summer!

2 thoughts on “remember this gem?

  1. I’m going to offer you some Robin Thicke fun … Before he was Robin Thicke he was just Thicke and the jam was “when I get you alone”… You’re welcome for the car karaoke.

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