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Hello, all.  Due to Kelsey’s meeting with FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland, she has graciously allowed me to be, for the first time ever, a “guest blogger” for the review of Bone Garden Cantina in Atlanta.  This is Kelsey’s Dad; she has mentioned me in prior blogs, so I hope you will like and enjoy this review.

First of all, guilty as charged, this blog/review will be written from a guy’s perspective.  In addition, I have worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Ladies’ Shoes, so I am uniquely qualified to see, understand, and comment on the male and female perspective.  Also, I love clarity, so I will let you know what to expect, what not to expect, etc…

From purely a food perspective, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would put Bone Garden at a 9.  Bone Garden is definitely worth the drive.  On the menu there are some “plates/combos,” but most of the menu is a la carte.  Portions are of good size, but 2 a la carte items would be a filling meal.

As Kelsey knows, I love things in chronological order, so following will be a step-by-step, comment-by-comment review.

Location.  In Atlanta off of I-75, a bit of a challenge to find but worth the drive.  Sidebar, as Kelsey knows, I am “technically challenge,” so she found and wrote the directions to Bone Garden.  Also, if there were a Mount Rushmore for both being “off the radar” and “king of conspiracies,” I would be on them both.  Kelsey can tell you of my mistrust of online banking, the Internet, GPS, etc…  Regarding conspiracies, the Kennedy assassination, Oswald did not act alone.  Watergate, classic example of the federal government not telling the truth.  You have probably seen this all over:  it’s not so much the crime but the cover-up.  Whatever, Bone Garden is worth the drive – get there.

Wait Staff.  ASK FOR KATIE.  If needed, mention my name.  She’s witty, charming, knows the menu, knows her tequila.  ASK FOR KATIE.

Victoria and Katie.

Victoria and Katie.

Seating.  This is important for me.  I am 6’4″ and asked for a table, not a booth.  The staff happily accommodated us.  Reason for table vs. booth?  Easy, I like to stretch my legs.

Atmosphere #1.  This is important.  Bone Garden has concrete floors.  Very loud.  Sound bounces everywhere.  If you are looking for a quiet, intimate dinner, DO NOT GO HERE.  Guys, on the other hand, if you want to have a great Mexican dinner and not hear what the others are saying, go here.

Atmosphere #2.  Guys, this is important.  Ladies, if a guy takes you here, this is what to expect.  Guys, if the girl has a great sense of humor, likes to drink, this is the place for you.  If she does not have a sense of humor, do not take her here.  If she DOES have a sense of humor, you’ll love this place.  Eat, drink, do not order from the dessert menu at the restaurant, get on I-75 ,the fast lane…you get the picture.  If she DOES NOT have a sense of humor or is high maintenance, eat, drink lots, do not order from the dessert menu at the restaurant, get on I-75, drop her off and say good night, go back to Bone Garden…you get the picture.


House Rules.  I loved this.  On the menu there is a set of “house rules,” great stuff.  Kind of like ordering soup from the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld.

Wait Staff.  Did I mention to ask for Katie?

Ordering.  We ordered three different items.  Victoria ordered the Mole Plate:  two seasoned enchiladas topped with chihuahua cheese, homemade green mole sauce, fresh avocado flown in from California, tomatoes, queso fresco, Spanish rice, and refried beans.  Yummo!  The chicken enchiladas are great.  I had 2 a la carte items.  #1, taco, barbacoa de chive, slow braised goat, topped with onion and salsa verde.  It was just OK, would not order again, would rather try other items on the menu.  #2, tamale, Puerco Azteca, corn masa filled with free-range pork and onion, steamed in a banana leaf and served with salsa verde.  THIS WAS FANTASTIC.  Order it.  I will definitely order this again.  Yummo!

Wait Staff.  Did I mention to ask for Katie?

Summary.  I would DEFINITELY go to Bone Garden again.  As long as you understand Atmosphere #1 and #2 outlined above, you and your guest will have a terrific time.


As Kelsey has mentioned in prior blogs, I am the guy who would prefer the Silver Skillet vs. Buttermilk Kitchen.  That pretty much says it all.  In my book, Bone Garden Cantina is a definite “home run!”


3 thoughts on “bone garden cantina – atlanta, ga

  1. Loved a guest blogger! And Mr. A … sounds like you know about hitting I-75 in the fast lane from experience =)

    It was great seeing you all, we miss you!

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