dc – night 1

last thursday i began a long weekend visit to see my friend evan up in washington, d.c.  as you know, i have been to this city several times, but i just cannot seem to get enough of it!

there are many ways to start a vacation, and one of those is with a beer at the local airport establishment.  after that, there are many other ways to continue your trek to d.c.:  a delayed flight.  blergh.  apparently there’s a malfunctioning part on the cockpit door and they need it to work…i’m no airplane expert, but alright.  so, i find myself here on the incredibly uncomfortable concrete floor of gate t8 with limited forms of entertainment.  my nook has died (that’s what i get for buying an ereader…), and my blue moon buzz is slowly wearing off.  i’m about five minutes from slumping down on the carpet and taking a catnap.  and by catnap i mean a deep slumber from which i can only be awakened with rude shouting and pushing.  maybe i’ll try and wait until i’m on the plane before i shut my eyes…

there’s another young atlanta socialite with whom i’ve been making pleasant small talk, but my low energy level just cannot keep it up right now.  there is, though, a sweet family of four on their way to disneyworld that is keeping her entertained.  i’ll let them do all the talking.

ah!  finally, good news from the cockpit!  the part has been replaced, the flight attendants are itching to go, and we’re off.  catch you guys in the morning!

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