introducing mr. jefferson


when we went to washington, dc last december, i insisted we visit the jefferson memorial before we leave; it’s one of my favorites!  this memorial isn’t necessarily out of the way, but it isn’t exactly near a whole lot either; it sits in west potomac park, across the way from the white house, where third president thomas jefferson once lived.  there were plenty of folks involved in the creation of this memorial, including designer john russell pope (who also architected the national archives building), philadelphia builder john mcshain, and sculptors rudulph evans and adolph a. weinman.  the pantheon-inspired building was completed in 1943, and the 19-foot, 10,000 pound bronze statue was then added in 1947.

eric, kyle, kari, and i made the brisk trek over to see him and snapped this picture.  I LOVE IT.

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