new york city – day 3

well, my weekend getaway to new york city ends on day 3, but that doesn’t mean it was any less fun!  although i had a flight to catch at four that afternoon, we still enjoyed a lovely day in the local neighborhood of chelsea.

we had every intention of waking up sunday morning and visiting the natural museum of history, but yeah, that didn’t happen.  we were quite content bumming around in our pj’s until about 10:30.  we decided that we would spend the rest of my sunday right around chelsea, taking our time and relaxing before i had to head home.

we made the very short walk to the grey dog on 16th street.  no wonder they come here all the time; it’s just a couple of doors down!  when we entered, the line was wrapping among the tables, nearly to the back corner of the restaurant.  considering our time constraint, we debated whether to leave and grab a quicker bite elsewhere.  i said, “you know, let’s just wait.  i want to try another of your favorites.”  decision made!  as the line dwindled, we found ourselves at the ordering counter about twenty minutes later.  not too bad.

we each three ordered and paid and were directed to our reserved table.  it’s quite nice, actually, because one of the workers will be sure to save a table for you as you get closer to ordering, that way you don’t have to fend off other diners for a spot.  good thinking!

we munched on a piece of banana bread (which was delicious) while we waited for our meals to arrive.  as i sat there, i kept wondering to myself what kind of movie or television scene a place like the grey dog belongs.  and then it hit me!  new girl!  i don’t know if i would call this place hipster, but it is definitely eclectic, which means it is of a style that i just love.  i know, without doubt, that i would probably find myself here all the time, too, if i lived just down the road.

our food arrived, and the large plates quickly covered our small table.  leah had ordered a very generous helping of the homemade granola.  she said it was quite tasty but also very filling.  granola will do that, won’t it?  grant had blueberry pancakes and so nicely let me have a bite.  lovely, just lovely!  i don’t often eat pancakes, so i was glad he shared.  i myself had the breakfast quesadilla, after much back and forth among it, the french toast, and egg sandwich.  it was a great call, especially with the side of tomatillo sauce for dipping.

after falling into a food coma, the bitter winter winds woke us up as we quickly made our way to the chelsea market.  i was expecting an outdoor space with vendors, but to my delightful surprise on this cold day, all the stores and shops are inside.  perfect!

leah and grant had described the market to me earlier in my visit, so i was quite eager to see it for myself.  i honestly could have spent another hour or two in there, because i wanted to stop in nearly every shop or food stand we passed.  there are small consignment shops, seafood markets, cupcake stores, nearly everything!  it cracked me up to see someone eating an entire lobster on a paper plate just to the side.  only in new york, i suppose.

we entered a space where local artists and vendors have tables and racks set up with their inventory.  lots of jewelers, painters, and small clothing boutiques.  it was a real-life  i was in heaven!  i ended up finding a vintage money clip for a friend of mine.  i was quite pleased and hope he will like it, too.

our next stop was the filling station, a unique shop that specializes in natural oils, vinegars, salts, and craft beer.  yes, it was as much fun as it sounds.  you can go around and try the different flavors of olive oil and salts, which really is cool.  leah recommended the blueberry, cinnamon pear, and even dark chocolate.  it was an experience for the taste buds!  i also tasted some of the salts, which were very intriguing.  it was here i also thought to grab another gift.  they thankfully were still taking orders for shipping, so i purchased a bottle for my mother and sent it to alabama for her birthday.  happy birthday, mom!

we were running short on time, so we made a quick exit to the high line entrance just outside.  i was glad grant and leah took me here, because it was just so neat to be above the city street level and its noise.  the high line originally did support rail cars above the city streets to remove that obstacle, but now it has been created for pedestrian traffic on manhattan.  it really is a lovely space to relax and enjoy.  i can imagine it is quite the getaway during the warmer months.

i took a look at my watch and saw that i needed to get a move-on!  we hustled back to the apartment, i packed my carry-on, and we flagged down a cab to take me home.

thank you, grant and leah, for hosting an adventurous guest.

and thank you, new york city, for again delivering a wonderful visit.

until next time!

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