work it, riri

if you listen to the latest r&b at all (or any top 40 music station, for that matter), you’ve no doubt had the pleasure of hearing rihanna’s song “work”.  at first i wasn’t so sure about it, mainly due to the fact i can understand nearly none of the words, but after stumbling upon it more and more frequently, the song soon wiggled its way into my heart, a special place i keep reserved just for my favorite rihanna songs.  i suppose it could be because it’s just such a chill song, or maybe it’s hard to resist a beat with drake in there.  who knows!  regardless, “work” is one of my favorites, right next to “rude boy” and “diamonds” and “only girl (in the world)”.

oh, heck, and while we’re at it, treat yourself to the exquisite masterpiece that is drake’s “hotline bling”.  music video these days are a dream!

mm, the struts

a couple tuesdays ago i was working up a sweat at orange theory fitness when a killer song from trainer chris’ playlist came on over the speakers.  its beat was timed perfectly with my push pace on the treadmill, and since i didn’t have my handy dandy notebook with me (blue’s clues reference, anyone?) to jot down some of the lyrics, i remembered just one line so that i could look it up later:  “i wanna taste love and pain, i wanna feel pride and shame.”

i hopped online when i got home after class and typed it into my search bar, hopeful that not too many songs had these exact words in this exact order.  luck was on my side (and by “luck” i mean google), and after a few clicks, i found it:  “could have been me” by the struts.

you see, this is why i love music so much:  you never know when you’ll discover your new favorite song or artist.  this track is an excellent anthem, one of those songs that everyone, i think, can relate to on some level.  me?  i must see the world.  i have a wild heart that loves to travel.  i’ve conquered most of the united states, but nations like china and croatia and italy are calling out to me by name, and if my eyes never set sight on them, i’ll never forgive myself.

what about you?  what’s the one thing that you refuse to miss out on in your lifetime?  what do you want to say you did rather than what you wish you had done?  please share!  i’d love to know.  🙂

rock me, mama

i know darius rucker made it ultra famous, but i first heard “wagon wheel” by old crow medicine show, who finished and recorded the incomplete, original version written by bob dylan.  this song has many memories of mine tied to it, and i cannot help but smile whenever i hear it on the radio.  i recently declared “wagon wheel” my go-to karaoke song, so if you find me at the bar with a microphone in my hand, be prepared.

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