floof! poof! puff! fluff!

a little bit ago i shared with you all a beautiful necklace that one of my dear girlfriends made.  well, her creative, designer spirit is at work again with this precious keychain!

i think an audible “eek” squeaked out of me when she surprised me with it earlier this week.  i mean, how precious is this little thing?  it’s super girly and super extra and super fun and super fluffy and makes me smile.  and let’s be real:  every girl can use a few more danglies on her keychain.  we’re known for it!

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also, yes, you are seeing correctly that the carabiner says “omhs prom 2005.”  that is the carabiner i got for my junior prom back at oak mountain high school.  man, the memories are flooding back to me now, especially since my ten-year reunion is this fall.  how the time flies!

soft boots!

soft boots!

these michael kors riding boots are one of the smartest fashion investments i have made in a while. the brown on black brings these boots to the front of modern while the simple gold embellishments keep them classy. michael kors has long been one of my favorite designers, and these boots reminded me why i love his designs so much.

jump into spring with more of his timeless pieces here.