rock me, mama

i know darius rucker made it ultra famous, but i first heard “wagon wheel” by old crow medicine show, who finished and recorded the incomplete, original version written by bob dylan.  this song has many memories of mine tied to it, and i cannot help but smile whenever i hear it on the radio.  i recently declared “wagon wheel” my go-to karaoke song, so if you find me at the bar with a microphone in my hand, be prepared.

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as you may already know, i love music.  i love everything about it.  the concerts, the videos, the cd’s (yes, i do still buy compact discs).  i grew up playing piano and french horn, both of which i never mastered but enjoyed to the fullest.  i do not own a piano, because where would i put it in my cozy condo?  and i do not own a french horn, because, well, because i’m not a professional musician.  so, how was i to satisfy my thirst for some kind of personal musical talent?  my friend nathan was quick to swoop in and provide the answer:  a guitar!  he owned a couple and played himself and was thrilled at the idea of having someone with which he could share this hobby.  like most times, i didn’t need a whole lot of convincing.

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lemmon and h.e.r.b.


this picture is what started it all.  on our first annual trip to washington, dc, we were wrapping up our afternoon at a local fair event before heading out.  i think the attitude clearly shows, especially with lead singer eric kridle.  this album kicked things off for it all.