vegan week day 2 – nachos for everyone!

day 2 of vegan week was much like day 1 for phillip and me:  still exciting and interesting!  our breakfast consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (it’s basically the same thing as untoasted toast…right?  plus, it makes you feel like a kid again :)) and then plenty of fresh fruit throughout the day.  our lunches were leftovers of the night before with the hummus (which i’d say is actually better after sitting for a night) and the quinoa (which i loved much more when i took out the olives; just can’t get a taste for those little things quite yet).

as for dinner i wanted to spice things up a bit and make some nachos.  nomsies!  one of my friendly readers renard was quick to suggest i check out the i love vegan blog by canadian writers brittany and william.  their site is just absolutely adorable and chock-full of all sorts of good stuff.  among their entries i found a recipe for a grilled veggie taco bowl, which we easily converted into nachos.  now, i didn’t have the chance to snap a picture of this dish because it was just so dang tasty and, honestly, we were very hungry (phillip had two servings himself!).  i modified the recipe a little bit to my liking by omitting the tomato (just wasn’t feeling it tonight), going for yellow and orange peppers instead of red and green, and also by adding tofu sausage.  i can’t remember the brand (my apologies), but it came packaged like a tube of jimmy dean’s sausage might.  i should have opted for the pre-crumbled tofu sausage, which probably would have been easier to brown up in the skillet, but phillip made do by using a spatula to break that stuff up perfectly.  thanks, honey!

i definitely recommend making sure you get the taco sauce.  this stuff makes a big difference!  i prefer the chi-chi’s brand – i mean, it’s just so much fun to say!  chi-chi’s!  it really brings a good taco flavor to the dish and brings a little liquid into the equation.  without sour cream or melty cheese to douse the other ingredients (which i didn’t miss as sorely as i thought i would), you’ve got to have something like the taco sauce as a good substitute.  the brown rice was nice and chewy and the sausage was seasoned nicely.  i’d gladly make this recipe again, especially with all the grilled veggies that are just mm-mm good.

so, as i sit here consuming a few more tortilla chips before bed, i’d say phillip and i are in good shape for tomorrow.  with plenty of food in the fridge, we’re sitting pretty for day three.  also, tomorrow’s hump day, so there’s that to celebrate, too!

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