#dailyselfie – popcorn addict?

a couple weeks ago a bunch of us from work went out on lake lanier for one last summer hoorah.  although the day started out overcast, it cleared up just enough so that we could splash around in the water and get a little sun on our cheeks.  john and his lovely wife amy cooked us an amazing low country boil with sausage, potatoes, shrimp, the whole shebang!  of course, though, there were appetizers and snacks, and it was while i was sipping on my second yuengling that i had my first handful of g.h. cretors popcorn.  maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the cool breeze, or maybe it was the fact that i wasn’t working.  whatever it was, i fell in love with that stuff right then and there.  the cheese pieces aren’t overpowering, and the caramel bites are crunchy and sweet.

now, i probably don’t need a 1 lb 10 oz bag of the stuff, but my coworker greg bought it from costco, so what else would i expect?  perfectly portioned bags?  puh!  nonsense, i tell you!  i shared a few bowls with folks today while i was in the office, but i don’t expect it to last long once it’s at home with me, where i can feast on junk food in the privacy of my own living room while watching the premiere of the latest season of survivor in my sweatpants.  you know you’re jealous!


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