font: kelseyv

i was browsing imgur recently (which i am almost always doing, especially at the end of the day when i need something funny to cheer me up), and i came across a post about turning your handwriting into a font.  as it turns out, my coworkers kyle and greg also saw it, so the next day at the office we spent a little of our lunch break computerizing our handwriting.

there are some specific instructions you need to follow on the template (make sure you scan it with the proper grayscale), but after that you just have to write each number, letter, and/or symbol in its proper box and you’re set!  mine turned out pretty well (it helps if you complete the template with a thicker fine point pen, like a sharpie).  it’s pretty cool to type in your handwriting, right?  also, this “heartbeat song” has been stuck in my head all day, so i figured that chorus would work perfectly here.

FONTi do acknowledge that this is quite possibly the most geeky post i have done to date, but i share it with you all because i know you’ve been dying to see what my handwriting looks like!

oh, and so you can get it stuck in your head, too, here’s america’s sweetheart kelly clarkson.

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