mufasa, is that you?

this week i attended some highly technical microsoft trainings up in alpharetta at their georgia headquarters.  welcome back from a long holiday weekend!  although not my areas of expertise, i kept my head above water as i learned more than i ever thought i’d know regarding azure and office 365 and api’s and visual studio.  oh yes, kelsey!  talk nerdy to us!

in one of the sessions we were led by a technical evangelist (no, i did not make up that title; that’s actually what his business card says) by the first name of mostafa.  i did a double-take to make sure i’d heard him correctly, and then when he put his introduction slide up on the screen, it was confirmed.  however, the only thing i could think of any time he spoke throughout the day was mufasa from the lion king.  mostafa, mufasa?  you’d be thinking the same thing, right?  yes, please just humor me and say “yes!”  my youthful tendencies distracted me as my mind floated between queries and scenes of simba, back to reality where i was trying my hardest to publish an app to the sharepoint store.  i got there eventually!  but if you were to ask me what i did and how i did it, well, we’d be here a while.

anyway, so i survived the trainings, and afterwards i finally satisfied my lion king craving by pulling up and playing this video about ten times over.  it might only be 24 seconds long, but it is seriously one of my favorite scenes from the entire movie.  mufasa, mufasa, mufasa!

oh, well, let’s hang on now and not forget this one.  rafiki looks like a crazed mad man at about the 1:09 mark, and i love it.  that face combined with that laugh?  it’s just all too much!

font: kelseyv

i was browsing imgur recently (which i am almost always doing, especially at the end of the day when i need something funny to cheer me up), and i came across a post about turning your handwriting into a font.  as it turns out, my coworkers kyle and greg also saw it, so the next day at the office we spent a little of our lunch break computerizing our handwriting.

there are some specific instructions you need to follow on the template (make sure you scan it with the proper grayscale), but after that you just have to write each number, letter, and/or symbol in its proper box and you’re set!  mine turned out pretty well (it helps if you complete the template with a thicker fine point pen, like a sharpie).  it’s pretty cool to type in your handwriting, right?  also, this “heartbeat song” has been stuck in my head all day, so i figured that chorus would work perfectly here.

FONTi do acknowledge that this is quite possibly the most geeky post i have done to date, but i share it with you all because i know you’ve been dying to see what my handwriting looks like!

oh, and so you can get it stuck in your head, too, here’s america’s sweetheart kelly clarkson.