1920 tavern – roswell, ga

a couple weekends ago our friends kyle and lisa were finally tying the knot up in roswell, ga.  after the beautiful ceremony at st. ann’s, some of us guests had time to kill before the reception.  to the bars we go!

downtown roswell was just the ticket considering the reception space was right there as well.  lots of folks were out and about that sunny june afternoon; we weren’t the only ones with a good idea!  our large group moseyed into the 1920 tavern off of canton street, and it was a great pick.

1920 wasn’t too crowded since it was that funny time between lunch and dinner, so they gladly seated us in the back room where there was plenty of space and plenty of tables.

we didn’t want to fill up too much, but some of us were a little hungry and thirsty.  the drink menu and food menu both looked awesome; i’m kind of amazed we didn’t order one of everything.  beverages were the first order of business, and after taking a good bit of time to decide, daniel and i both ordered the smoked rose while kari gave the opulent sparkle a try.  the whiskey, mint, pineapple, and wood chips in the smoked rose were an unexpected but delicious combination.  the pineapple wasn’t too strong and neither was the mint.  the whiskey gave a nice finish after each sip, and i liked it so much i had two!

daniel and the smoked rose!

daniel and the smoked rose!

i remember kari’s opulent sparkle being bubbly and fruity and quite refreshing.  cheers, kari!

hey, gur.

hey, gur.

meanwhile, you have kyle and liz.  love ’em!

wearing your shades inside is still cool.

wearing your shades inside is still cool.

we also enjoyed an order of the blue crab and shrimp dip.  it was hearty and cheesy and paired well with the crispy baguette slices.  tasty!

blue crab and shrimp dip.

blue crab and shrimp dip.

after a couple of rounds we had to call it an afternoon and head to the reception.  oh darn!  would i come back to the 1920 tavern, though, for another occasion?  or maybe just another day ending in ‘y’?  absolutely.  1920 is a speakeasy-inspired spot, not just with its décor but also with its cuisine, taking old classics and bringing them into the 21st century with market-driven and locally sourced ingredients.  it is refined and approachable, sophisticated yet playful, and it is a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

perhaps you should stop by the next time you are in downtown rozzie…just a suggestion.

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