the key to eating alone

what is the key to eating alone and actually enjoying it?  how about the key to being a single, solo, uno? if you ask me, or rather if i ask myself, the key to these things is being confident, not being pre-occupied with other people’s perceptions.  the key is not conforming to what society, your friends, family, and peers expect of you.  we are all on different paths with different destinations.  it is highly unrealistic to think that your formula works, or even applies to me, to us, to the single people.

today i am not going to perch atop a soapbox and list reasons a, b, and c of why single people “have it better.”  i don’t even want to make that argument.  today i just am going to share my thoughts.  after all, this is the kelsey v blog.

i do look quite forward to the day when i repeat “i do” to my husband.  i am hopeful for the life he and i will lead together.  i’m curious to know the family we will create.  but now?  right now i’m still in the selfish phase of my mid-20s, excited for these things but not yet ready to let go of that carefree, “me” lifestyle i have so intentionally created.

i am quite greedy with my time.  i get to decide where i go, who i see, what i do without consultation.  “but wait!” you say, “wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all those things with someone?”  why, yes, it would be!  and that’s what my family and friends are for right now.  i expect that at some point down the road (whether sooner or later, only time will tell) there will be some guttural shift inside of me, that moment when i realize, eureka!  it’s time!  it’s here!  and wherever i am in life and whatever i am doing will have been so perfectly, yet serendipitously, orchestrated that i won’t know what to do with myself.

i unwaveringly believe, almost to a fault, that the romantic pieces of my puzzle will fall perfectly in place just when they should.  that i will be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time when the moment strikes.  and it’s because of this very trusting outlook that i don’t worry (too much) over these things.  if something works out, wonderful.  if not, time marches on.

who knows?  perhaps prince charming is already in my life, and the world is just waiting to slowly unwrap itself and create a story.  the story of a girl who would be pleasantly surprised at what life had in store for her.

so, to the lone wolves and perpetually single folks out there, rather than try to mold yourself and your life into a form not built for you, RELAX.  it all really will work out, some way, some how, some day.  be patient and don’t rush your life.  let it wind and turn and take you some place unexpected.  sometimes it is these places and things that influence us most.

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