delia’s chicken sausage stand


moreland avenue.  south moreland avenue.  i mean pretty south, below interstate 20.  that’s where delia’s chicken sausage stand is, and that is where we were last week when we had the most fun new restaurant wednesday to date.

my older brother kyle had heard about delia’s from a local atlanta eats broadcast that features restaurants around the city.  he described it to me, and being the open-minded hostess i am, i said, “of course!  why not?”  after looking it up on google map’s street view, though, many folks were skeptical about this spot, unsure if it really was safe to go.  let me tell you, those people missed out.

as you pass through little five points and edgewood, you’ll find yourself on moreland, an area that is “out of the predictability of the city, …towards the mysterious hinterlands that your parents warned you about.”  however, i felt perfectly safe the entire time we were at delia’s, and many of us declared it one of the best places we had yet tried.  the stand is on a small, well-lit lot, with just enough parking around and in back for its patrons.  do beware, though!  the lots surrounding delia’s may look open, but watch out for the towman, who will quickly snatch up your car if you are not careful.

there is limited seating inside where you can enjoy your meal, but if the weather is nice enough, i would highly recommend you eat outside on their picnic tables and watch the world go by as you indulge in your meal.

now that we’ve discussed the actual establishment, we need to talk about this food, because WOW.  it was dynamite!  there are so many different topping combinations that you are sure to find something up your alley.  jon went for the gunn slinger, a chicken sausage sandwich with chorizo, fresh jalapenos, and “comeback” sauce.  he declared it was “spicy without being painful and very tender,” although he might have “expected a firmer sausage.  (HA.)”  but seriously, those were his words.  he washed his meal down with half-sweet, half-unsweet tea made with real sugar instead of corn syrup, so they got points for that.  he also tried the chocolate-chocolate chip cake shake that i ordered.  it was divine and rich, everything you would expect when someone takes an entire cupcake and mixes it with local milk, inverted sugar, and madagascar vanilla.  bank also had this cake shake and ranked it in the “top three of chocolate milkshakes” he has ever had.  had that shake been my last meal, i would have died happy.

as far as my actual dinner goes, leave it to me to order the sausage called the three way, a link topped with coleslaw, chili, kraut, and “comeback” sauce.  oh my goodness.  everything on this sausage was delicious.  the coleslaw was not too mayonnaise-y, the chili was subtle but perfect, the kraut was nice and chewy, and the link was so flavorful.  i had to attack mine with the fork and knife approach and eventually strip away the bun so that i could make room for the good stuff.  the three way is one i would definitely recommend and would definitely order again myself.

bank and liz both had the chicken sausage philly that was quite filling.  say that five times fast.  liz said it was a little goopy for her taste, with “the combination of cheese sauce and chipotle mayo” being a tad much, but it was delicious nonetheless.  but that same gooiness was what bank loved.  a side of the wedgie french fries with cheese sauce accompanied her meal.  they were thick, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – simply “amazing!”  she also had the frozen strawberry lemonade, which was a “good mix of tart and sweet.”

since he “loves anything spicy,” it was the gunn slinger for kenneth as well, an easy choice.  he loved the guacamole and salsa combination with the chorizo chicken sausage.  most of all, though, the fresh jalapenos “provide the necessary kick to make this the best slinger” he has ever had.  if you ask him, he’ll tell you that he will definitely be going back for more.

delia’s is by no definition pretentious; the no-nonsense environment and friendly service “match the humble [and] delicious food they serve.”  good food at a good price.  if you are looking for a fun adventure to get you out of your funk, make a trip to moreland and allow yourself to relax and enjoy.

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