girl, put your records on


last month was phillip’s birthday month and i insisted we celebrate in style and together.  we both took off that wednesday and started with a lovely breakfast at buttermilk kitchen, did a little afternoon napping, got soothing massages, and topped the evening off with an italian dinner at marcello’s with kyle and kari (we highly recommend the lasagna).  as we munched on cookies’n’cream cake from piece of cake down the road later at home, we broke in phillip’s birthday gift:  a record player!  i’ve used album art as wall art in my homes for years now, and it only seemed appropriate that we finally put those records to use!

phillip and i had been throwing around the idea of getting a record player ever since he moved in but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  his eyes lit up and his smile grew from ear to ear as he unwrapped the package – i couldn’t help but squeak in joy myself!  and as all men do, he insisted we set it up right then and there.

after some trial and error (and instruction manual referencing), the player was hooked up to the amp and we had legend frank sinatra singing “strangers in the night” to us from days past.  it’s funny how old things become new again, and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t enamored with the vintage idea of playing records.  there’s just something about that vinyl spinning around that soothes you!  we always have it on when we eat dinner at the table together and i try to even put something on in the mornings as we’re getting ready.  fleetwood mac’s rumours record has been my favorite as of late.

if you’re on the fence about getting one yourself, i highly recommend you do so.  and while you’re at it, raid your parents’ vinyl collection and get some of those oldies but goodies going!  🙂

a childhood treasure

as you may have heard, quite recently french toast crunch made a comeback to the cereal shelves at your local grocery store.  ah, what a miracle!  there was incredible demand from folks of all ages for this general mills classic to be back in our lives.  i won’t say i was a french toast crunch fanatic in my younger days, but it’s one of those staples that you were always wanting but only getting on special occasion, like when your mother just couldn’t handle you three needy children and had to appease you before tossing you out the minivan and onto the shoulder of the road.  okay, let me clarify here.  my mother never did that, and we weren’t really needy kids, but i wouldn’t doubt it if the thought crossed her mind once or twice.

anyway!  phillip and i were at disco kroger the other night, cruising down the cereal aisle on our way to the checkout counter.  that bright red box caught my eye and i demanded it come home with me.  we had a bowl back at the condo and, hot damn, that stuff was as amazing as i remembered it being.  those little cereal pieces taste exactly like french toast, i mean, exactly, people.  run out to the store and get yourself some now.  go on!  relive your 90s and then tell me all about it.  🙂