burger vs. burger

so, we’d gotten wind of the 40th anniversary celebration mellow mushroom was having last night, and apparently so had the rest of the city.  i arrived at the brookhaven location and looped the parking lot three times to squeeze into a spot, all to find out that a table for a party of five would be a two and a half hour wait.  tWo AnD a HaLf HoUrS?!  yes, you read that correctly.  i like mellow mushroom just fine, but $2.50 small cheese pizzas and $0.75 pbr’s just couldn’t keep me.  instead, nathan and alison recommended we try the burger place lucky’s just up the road in town brookhaven.  a new restaurant in exchange for an overpacked (and overhyped) mellow mushroom?  count us in!

and folks, let me tell you this much right now.  this post isn’t just about lucky’s. it’s also about cheeseburger bobby’s, the burger joint kyle, bank, and i ventured to for lunch today up in norcross.  it was my first place at both restaurants, and having had them in nearly back-to-back meals, i figured it would be fun to find out which one reigns supreme!

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