an mcu journey: gobs of queso & goofy guardians

we’ve been chugging right along through the restaurants in our city and the films of the marvel cinematic universe, and after winter solider we decided to take to lighten the mood a bit with guardians. before the movie, though, came dinner, and before dinner came a shot of tequila to get the party goin’. ole!

everybody that night was on board for mexican, so we ordered from a spot new to all of us, alebrije mexican restaurant. i don’t think any mexican meal is complete without a queso appetizer, so we ordered two bowlfuls and ate every last melty drop. you know how sometimes when you order dip there aren’t enough chips? definitely not the case here; we had plenty of chips for the queso and then some to spare! our entrees were just as satisfying as the queso, from the taco combo dinner to the shredded lettuce salad dinner to the steak ancho pepper fajita dinner and the pollo yucateco dinner, everything was so delicious that there were hardly any leftovers to box up. can you ask for more?

yes, you can ask for more. you can ask for a movie that ticks just about all the boxes for what a fun movie should be. guardians of the galaxy felt like the perfect balance of heavy (i like how all the misfits had their own backstory) and comedy (“bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.”). i do think i saw the movie ages ago after it first came out and all the hype had built it up, but i remember not loving it then. the good news is that tastes change, and i thoroughly enjoyed the film this second time around. the soundtrack, yes, was refreshing, and that jail breakout scene was a joy to watch. the guardians are an unexpected bunch, which i guess is part of their draw, and i’d gladly sit through the film again any time. 🙂

with all that, how have alebrije and the guardians shook up the ratings? let’s see!


  1. gordo’s pizza
  2. alebrije mexican restaurant
  3. burger 21
  4. jerusalem bakery
  5. armando’s caribe
  6. lon u
  7. wayback burger
  8. 2 nyers pizza
  9. tokyo shokudo


  1. iron man
  2. ant-man
  3. guardians of the galaxy
  4. captain america: the first avenger
  5. thor
  6. captain america: the winter soldier
  7. iron man 3
  8. the avengers
  9. iron man 2

rumor has it

that chipotle now has queso.  actually, it’s not really a rumor.  they’ve been promoting it for about a month now on tv and here in atlanta they’ve even put up big ‘ole billboard advertisements.

earlier this week i’d so conveniently forgotten my packed lunch at home in the refrigerator, so i ended up needing to go out for a bite to eat.  i wanted something quick and satisfying and figured chipotle would be a solid choice, especially since it’s very close to our office.  i ordered my chicken bowl like always and then decided i’d take a chance and try a cup of the queso with some chips.  i hadn’t heard the best reviews about it on social media but we all know how social media can be, so i thought i’d go out on a limb and find out for myself.

i ripped into the chips, opened the queso, took a dip, and had my first bite.  first things first, the spices they used in the queso were actually very tasty.  it was flavorful and had the slightest kick, probably due to the chipotle chili and jalapeno.  i took a couple more tastes and thought, “well, this isn’t as bad as people were making it sound.”

but then as i made my way to the bottom of the queso cup, a funny taste started to linger in my mouth.  something tasted off about the cheese and then the texture started to bother me as well.  the queso was very, very thick and actually not very smooth at all.  i guess “gloopy” would be a good word to use to describe it.  as for the cheese, i realized the issue after looking at the ingredient listing online:  they use cheddar cheese – ick!  now, don’t get me wrong, i love cheddar cheese, i love all cheese!  i haven’t yet met a cheese i don’t drool over, but cheddar cheese seems like the completely wrong choice for a queso.  maybe that’s because here in the south we’re used to a nice mild, white, smooth cheese in our queso or maybe it’s just because cheddar cheese really isn’t a good idea at all.  regardless, after finishing the queso (because i hate to waste) i swiftly scarfed down my chicken bowl to get the bad tastes out of my mouth.

now, with all this being said, i advise you try chipotle’s queso at your own risk.  and, if you do insist on giving it a taste, i will say this:  try just a cup of the stuff.  i truly don’t think it’d be wise to drizzle this stuff all over your tacos or burrito or bowl and ruin your entire meal.  you have been warned!

june’s ohio adventure

for those of you who know me well, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “who is this june?  is she a long-lost high school friend?  is she a college acquaintance she’s reconnected with nowadays?  is she a new coworker she’s kindly befriend?”  well, i hate that this isn’t more exciting, but june is what i named my lovely rental car for the week!  ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you june, the 2016 grey chrysler pacifica!  isn’t she a beaut?!

the name hit me like a ton of bricks as i was weaving around winding suburb roads and channeling my inner mom, specifically my inner barbara billingsley.  i mean, it really is quite empowering, navigating this sturdy, speedy, and functional vehicle around town.  i felt like i could rule the world!  anyway, june and i became besties last week in ohio while i was up there for work and some personal traveling.  and, in an effort to spice things up on my solo trip, i decided to blog about all our adventures.  our first stop?  dayton.

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