bantam + biddy – atlanta, ga

bantam + biddy logo.

for the first time in a while, i have nearly nothing planned this weekend!  i say nearly because we all know i’ve always got something going on.  last night all i did was eat chips and salsa and do laundry.  thrilling, i know.  i tried out a new brand called desert pepper, the roasted tomato chipotle corn salsa flavor, and it was delicious.

after getting my oil changed (and four new tires?!) this morning, it was on to another adventure!  as a self-declared foodie and restaurant critic, brunch is one of my favorite meals.  today it was time to discover another spot in atlanta, and so i found myself at bantam + biddy in the piedmont heights part of town.

my older brother kyle had been here with his good friend jarrett a month or so ago and said it was a spot i definitely need to try.  well then, let’s go!

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