the wedding chronicles | decisions #16 and #17


probably two of the more important decisions to make for many brides, your wedding hair and wedding makeup can make all the difference in helping you feel your absolute best on your big day, and this is coming from a girl who pretty much never wears makeup nowadays and considers it a small miracle if her hair manages to stay presentable from sun up to sun down.  the trick to it all, as several past brides have told me, is to let the stylists create a wedding day look that simply enhances, not masks, what the good Lord already gave you.  well, when i look at it that way, i’m much more open to the idea.

now, the question regarding hair and makeup is where do you begin your search?  as far as things go for me, i first started with what i knew, which was who my sister-in-law kari hired when she and kyle got married back in 2014.  she happily gave me some contact information, and i quickly turned around to send the first of many e-mail messages.  kyle and kari got married in roswell, georgia, which meant most of their vendors were local to the greater atlanta area.  therein was a bit of a problem for me:  with our wedding being in peachtree city (practically on the complete opposite side of town and definitely outside the greater atlanta area), i would have to pay travel fees per mile for the stylists to get to me.  now, if we were having a remote destination wedding, i’d understandably bite the bullet and pay, but before committing, i decided to investigate and see if we had other options.

as it would end up being the case for many of our vendors, i asked the director at glendalough manor if they had any preferred recommendations for hair and makeup.  what do you know, they did!  as soon as i was able, i booked the trial appointments and invited the crew to come along for the fun.

now, if you aren’t in “the know” in this regard, oftentimes you do a trial or dress rehearsal for hair and makeup before your actual wedding day.  i know, i know.  among all the other things on our to-do list, you might not feel like you have time for this sort of thing.  i used to think that way, too.  however, i highly encourage you go through with the trials and here is exactly why.

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a selfish morning

i’ll be honest:  i’ve been quite the time hog this month so far.  july is my birthday month (ah, 26!), and i have spent my days doing just what i want.  we ran the peachtree on the fourth, spent last weekend in athens for a friend’s wedding (congrats, sam and nathan!), and i now find myself with a lazy weekend.  we’ve got more birthday celebrations tonight, but this morning was all for me.

although i’ve used the afternoon to catch up on cleaning house and tending to other domestic chores, i treated myself to an indulgent morning.  first, there was a haircut with the lovely master stylist karen at balance salon in dunwoody.  she’s just so great!  i then skipped right on over to an open table at café intermezzo.

café intermezzo has been around atlanta since december 1979, and it has created quite a reputation for itself in the many years between then and now.  this place is one where you can come for whatever reason.  to catch up with someone over coffee, to share a spoon and dessert with someone special, to spend time pondering and wondering about all that is (yours truly).  all are good and sufficient reasons to find yourself here, and café intermezzo is someplace that, when i leave each time, i hope to be back there again very soon.

this morning i had some writing and thinking to do, so i started my visit with a café au lait, a classic coffee creation.  i forget how delicious they are, and this one may have been the best i have ever had.  it didn’t need sugar.  it didn’t need anything except to be consumed in fast fashion.

the lovely view from my terrace table.  relaxing and serene, yes?

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food was in order as well, and i figured i needed something substantial to get me through my busy day.  i was in the mood to get something out of my ordinary, so the salmon and cream cheese omelette was delivered in no time.  i had never tried lox and cream cheese.  there is no time like the present!  i took my first few bites, intrigued by the interesting flavor mixes.  the sweet cream cheese with the fishy salmon proved to be too odd a combination for me, especially so early in the day, so i was unable to finish it all.  but!  at least now i have tried and now i know, no lox and cream cheese for me, please.  i’ll probably stick with something more traditional next time.

wait, who am i kidding.  the next time i come i’ll probably get a huge slice of cake…and a bowl of gelato…and at least two cafes.  eh, par for the course!

on an unrelated note, it seems i like to take pictures of things of different heights.  like, all the time.

my morning was relaxing and inspiring and carefree.  sometimes we need to make sure we take care of ourselves so that we can pour into others as we are able.  treat yourself.  and if anyone asks, you can tell them i said it was okay.