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Back by popular demand, it’s me, Kelsey’s dad.  yes, that IS a picture of my fine looking “dome” that you are seeing.

my father's head, everyone.

my father’s head, everyone.

In the highly unlikely chance you happen to go to Lake Arrowhead, in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, I have the perfect place for you to go for breakfast or lunch, Belgian Waffle Works.  Note, from your friendly friends down here in the south, THIS IS NOT SIMILAR TO THE WAFFLE HOUSE THAT WE HAVE COME TO KNOW AND LOVE.  Nevertheless, this place is terrific and well worth the visit.


For those of you wondering, “What’s the occasion for why you were in Lake Arrowhead?”  Well, we were all there for my niece Alison who was getting married.  More on that to come later.

Now, back to the restaurant.  First, arrive early.  Second, the menu is huge.  Probably too many choices, actually.  In addition to breakfast items they have a large lunch section of sandwiches, etc…We had a group of six:  Phillip, Clark, Kyle, Kari, my cousin Linda, and me.

The food is fantastic.  We all had different waffle selections.  In addition, Phillip ordered a biscuit with sausage gravy.  Even though we were in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, this gravy was very, very good.  The gravy might have come from a can, might have come from a box.  Who knows.  All I know is that Phillip, Kyle, and I shared it and we all loved it.

Probably the best part of Belgian Waffle Works was the staff.  All of them were witty, charming, and had terrific “patter.”  As all of my children will tell you, I’m big on the “patter” and these people had it.  I would hire all of them in a minute, their “patter” was that good.


Terrific food, terrific staff.  If you happen to be in Lake Arrowhead, CA, go to Belgian Waffle Works!  And, even though this time I didn’t get to go to In-N-Out, Belgian Waffle Works made up for it.

editor’s note:  in addition to all these delicious waffles, take a look at some of the other fun stuff this weekend entailed.  congratulations again, mike and ali!  we love you both!

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p.s.  thank you to all my facebook friends/family for letting me use your pictures.  i only had to include them because you did such a good job taking them, lol!

a childhood treasure

as you may have heard, quite recently french toast crunch made a comeback to the cereal shelves at your local grocery store.  ah, what a miracle!  there was incredible demand from folks of all ages for this general mills classic to be back in our lives.  i won’t say i was a french toast crunch fanatic in my younger days, but it’s one of those staples that you were always wanting but only getting on special occasion, like when your mother just couldn’t handle you three needy children and had to appease you before tossing you out the minivan and onto the shoulder of the road.  okay, let me clarify here.  my mother never did that, and we weren’t really needy kids, but i wouldn’t doubt it if the thought crossed her mind once or twice.

anyway!  phillip and i were at disco kroger the other night, cruising down the cereal aisle on our way to the checkout counter.  that bright red box caught my eye and i demanded it come home with me.  we had a bowl back at the condo and, hot damn, that stuff was as amazing as i remembered it being.  those little cereal pieces taste exactly like french toast, i mean, exactly, people.  run out to the store and get yourself some now.  go on!  relive your 90s and then tell me all about it.  🙂