vegetarian chili – slow cooker style


it felt like phillip and i had done an awful lot of eating out lately, so last week i let the crock pot whip up my new favorite dish:  vegetarian chili with sweet potato.  the recipe comes from the always trustworthy real simple.  yes, they did it again with a hearty meal full of deep flavors and rich in nutrients.  well, it was rich in nutrients until i suffocated my bowl with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese and a generous dollop of sour cream.  no judging!

but really, this one is a keeper for sure, and with the cooler months making a delicate entrance this season, i’m betting it will be a repeat before too long.

sausages with sauerkraut & potatoes


since my tofu stir fry was a bit of a flop last week, i decided i’d go with something a little more familiar this time, something that would be more of a “sure bet” for my taste buds and preferences.  i was flipping through my notebook and came upon this slow cooker recipe for sausages, sauerkraut, and potatoes.  anything in a slow cooker is a great idea, and since it was a recipe from a torn-out page of real simple magazine, i knew it’d be a success.  as i was unlocking the door to the condo, i could smell the delicious wafts seeping through the poorly insulated frame right to my nose.  the meal is as scrumptious as it sounds and looks.  the potatoes are perfectly cooked, not overdone.  the bratwursts are almost crumbly, and the sauerkraut is to die for.  personally, i only needed a little bit of the whole grain mustard, but it does give a nice little bite to each forkful.  if you’re a german food-lover, this recipe is for you.  enjoy!