the wedding chronicles | decisions #16 and #17


probably two of the more important decisions to make for many brides, your wedding hair and wedding makeup can make all the difference in helping you feel your absolute best on your big day, and this is coming from a girl who pretty much never wears makeup nowadays and considers it a small miracle if her hair manages to stay presentable from sun up to sun down.  the trick to it all, as several past brides have told me, is to let the stylists create a wedding day look that simply enhances, not masks, what the good Lord already gave you.  well, when i look at it that way, i’m much more open to the idea.

now, the question regarding hair and makeup is where do you begin your search?  as far as things go for me, i first started with what i knew, which was who my sister-in-law kari hired when she and kyle got married back in 2014.  she happily gave me some contact information, and i quickly turned around to send the first of many e-mail messages.  kyle and kari got married in roswell, georgia, which meant most of their vendors were local to the greater atlanta area.  therein was a bit of a problem for me:  with our wedding being in peachtree city (practically on the complete opposite side of town and definitely outside the greater atlanta area), i would have to pay travel fees per mile for the stylists to get to me.  now, if we were having a remote destination wedding, i’d understandably bite the bullet and pay, but before committing, i decided to investigate and see if we had other options.

as it would end up being the case for many of our vendors, i asked the director at glendalough manor if they had any preferred recommendations for hair and makeup.  what do you know, they did!  as soon as i was able, i booked the trial appointments and invited the crew to come along for the fun.

now, if you aren’t in “the know” in this regard, oftentimes you do a trial or dress rehearsal for hair and makeup before your actual wedding day.  i know, i know.  among all the other things on our to-do list, you might not feel like you have time for this sort of thing.  i used to think that way, too.  however, i highly encourage you go through with the trials and here is exactly why.

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the colors of the wind

okay, it’s no secret that i have a small love for nail polish.  i mean, my whole medicine cabinet is full of nearly every shade you can imagine.  i just cannot help myself when i walk down the cosmetics aisle.  a new color is such an exciting thing and can cheer you right up!  all my ladies out there can certainly relate.  all these shades just remind of “colors of the wind” in pocahontas, which means i just cannot leave this post written without this video to bring back all your childhood disney memories.  you’re welcome.

anyway!  the other night after dinner at bua thai in town brookhaven (which, by the way, might be some of the best thai and sushi i have found in town – it was top notch!), sarah and i took a stroll through publix so i could pick up ingredients for rocky road pie.  i also needed some new facewash, so down the beauty aisle we went and, oh, wouldn’t you know it!  a new nail polish jumped right out at me!  it was the revlon colorstay gel envy line, and the eggplant-plum color called “hold ’em” caught my eye instantly.  it’s a great semi-neutral, just different enough from a brown or nude to get someone’s attention but not so bright or pastel to be a little too much.  the color is rich and saturated and hasn’t chipped in the couple of days that i have had it on my nails.  it will definitely be a keeper, and i suspect i might be coming back for more.


something else i want to highlight for you all are the lovely bracelets i’m sporting in this picture.  first off, i have my classic alex and ani monogram bracelet that my sweet cousin hannah got for me last summer.  along with it are a couple styles from the stella & dot spring collection.  the horseshoe wishing bracelet is just so dainty and unique that i couldn’t resist.  also there is the amelie sparkle bracelet, which isn’t particularly my style, but i liked the idea of the clear stones with the gold accent; lets me mix and match it with some other pieces.  gotta spice things up every once in a while!

who wants a beauty wedge?


recently i was at my neighborhood ulta, a place where it is easy to get lost in all the interesting stuff they have for skin, hair, and body care.  i had already picked out my new favorite lipstick and was on the hunt for a new concealer.  i found it in the cover girl trublend makeup, shade l6 buff beige, which i am loving more and more the more i use it.  it provides great coverage while really blending with my natural skintone.

now, that word ‘blending’ is what got me thinking, and i’m glad i stopped myself before heading to the checkout counter.  in the past, i would just use my fingertips to apply concealer and foundation whenever i needed it.  however, my eyes were caught by the makeup application aisle, conveniently placed on my way to pay.

i quickly found a package of beauty wedges, and i’ll easily say that i don’t think there will be any turning back at this point.  even though it’s now a beauty expense i didn’t have in the past, these little wedges are still quite affordable.  a package of 32 wedges for three bucks isn’t a bad deal, and considering i don’t wear foundation/concealer all the time, they won’t be of daily use.

more importantly, though, i’ll be using a clean surface to apply my makeup.  i don’t think my hands are overly oily, but anything on my fingers will still transfer to my face when i touch it.  these little wedge sponges help me more evenly apply the makeup, avoiding a patchy or uneven look.  i don’t really consider myself a makeup expert, but anything i can do to help keep my face clear and clean can’t be a bad thing, can it?

plus, they make me feel ultra girly and classy, a great way to feel before whipping out the door and facing the world.