okay, i don’t typically prefer to swear on my public, social media, but this post is the exception because we were celebrating kari’s bachelorette-ness this past weekend.  she’s marrying my older brother kyle in a short 53 days, and labor day weekend was the perfect time for the bachelorette party.  plenty of time to relax and recover after the fact.  i wish i could share all the shocking and juicy details, but some things are sworn to sisterhood.  thankfully most of the weekend was g-rated, so i’ll let you in on the fun.

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don antonio – atlanta, ga


after our pizza eating flop last week, we figured we’d give it another go, this time at don antonio.  i’d heard only great reviews about this restaurant, so it was our turn to check out the hype.

don antonio is a spot that strives to offer the finest pizza this side of the atlantic ocean, and considering the accolades it has already received, most folks could convince you that they have.  they serve up wood-fired neopolitan pies of all varieties, from your traditional red-sauce pies to gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan pizzas.  it’s a great place to come if you have a group with special dietary requirements.  the mozzarella is made in-house, and it’s an easy thing to believe once you give it a try.

don antonio is considered among the elite, placing amongst the top 25 “best pizza places in the us” by food and wine magazine.  the dishes have even been featured on several magazine covers.  founders and owners roberto caporuscio and antonio starita are renowned as pizza makers all over the world, bolstering their restaurants with years of industry experience and authentic, italian culinary training.  the original actually is off west 50th street in new york city, having had its grand debut back in february 2012.  now as for this buckhead location of don antonio, just what did we think?

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zinburger – atlanta, ga

i was in a very carnivorous mood, so it was an easy choice when i decided on burgers this week for nrw.  but where?!  there are so many burger joints here in atlanta, which one to try next?!  someone had mentioned that zinburger in lenox looked like a pretty cool spot, so i quickly announced that is where we would be dining.

it was a smaller group at dinner this week, six of us total:  nathan and alison, jon and turner, scootz and me.  solid crew.

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