cheetos & champagne

i know what you are wondering, “what, what is, or are, cheetos and champagne?”  youre in luck, because i have just the explanation for you.

several new years eves ago, we celebrated the holiday on the rooftop of a friends condo on the west side of town.  long story short, in the midst of our hooting and hollering, bags of cheetos burst all over the patio, followed by champagne sloshed out of our flutes.  the whole scene got me thinking, and two summers later, the cheetos and champagne photo shoot became a reality.

i have loved music and music videos as long as i can remember.  and when listening to music, i often find myself trying to put the songs to video or picture in some unexpected way.  it is this kind of daydreaming that got me inspired and got me to challenge my friends to create something fun and special.

many of the photos you will find on this page are from that original shoot, but our group is also known for taking spontaneously perfect pictures that could pass for album covers.  we have a quirky passion in capturing just the right shot, and here is where we feature those laughable attempts and rewarding victories.

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