dollar shave club

as nearly all of us know, shaving is a necessary evil, and with the summer months upon us, i’ll be keeping that razor blade close by for practically every shower.  something else we all know about shaving is how expensive those razors get.  i don’t know about you, but i cringe every time i’m at the store and pick up a box of four razor heads for $18 bucks.  that’s a few good glasses of wine!  and believe me, i’d much prefer drinking wine to shaving my legs.

anyway, after reviews from some personal friends, i decided to give dollar shave club a try.  although originally marketed for men, the company has become quite popular among the female buyers as well.  their website provides a no-fuss experience that is easy to navigate; and perhaps even better, they make it clear that if you ever want to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade, you can do so with nearly the flick of your wrist.  the blades ship once a month, but if you don’t change your blade out every week, you can update your frequency preferences with no hassle at all.

considering the flexible options, i went all-out with the executive blades.  i figured paying half the cost of what i do now for a hopefully great product would at least be worth the try.  well, i’ll say it was a great decision.  my blades arrived in a timely manner and in the most charming package.  along with the blades was a free handle (you get this regardless and also a free one if you upgrade/downgrade) as well as a little shaving butter to try.

the handle is sturdy and these blades are no joke.  i felt it was the most mature, no-nonsense razor i’d ever held in my hand, and the best part is that this razor got the job done.  with a little shaving butter and some after-shave lotion, my legs were silky smooth.


to give you an idea of how satisfied i was, here’s my life before dollar shave club…


…and here it is now!


if you are unsure about committing to something that might seem like a fad, give it a try.  the cancellation policy appears to be quite straightforward, so if you aren’t satisfied, no worries.  however, if you are interested, go for the gold!  or rather, the executive.  🙂

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