to spa or not to spa

i recently ran out of razor blades for my gillette venus razor, so while at the local disco kroger i moseyed along the personal care aisle to find some refills.  as i looked at the rows and rows of options, i exhaled and thought with exasperation “why are these so expensive?”  shaving is such a necessary evil sometimes, and i loathe the fact that i have to spend so much money on these little blades.  if any of you out there do anything like the dollar shave club, i’d love to know what you think, as my wallet would appreciate a change of pace.

anyway!  i don’t ever remember which “style” i currently use or have used in the past, so i almost always end up with a new flavor.  this time i unknowingly picked out the spa razor blade which ended up being a cruel deception dressed in pretty colors and girly attractions.

fyi - this one happened to be enhanced with olay moisturizers!

fyi – this one happened to be enhanced with olay moisturizers!

now, my first use with the spa razor blade was, actually, close to heavenly.  the gel bars on either side of the razors give you a silky smooth and close shave without having to use soap or shaving gel.  in fact, i’d go out on a limb and say that it was one of my best shaves ever.  there, i said it!  i even recall exclaiming, “i’m never going back to those other razors!  this is amazing!”

as they say, though, nothing lasts forever, and this spa razor blade is no exception.  the first few shaves were blissful and i stepped out of each shower as if i belonged in one of their ad campaigns.  the honeymoon with this blade is short-lived, though, as after just two shaves the gel bars begin to rapidly disintegrate.  at that time it’s everybody for themselves because using soap and shave gel seems redundant yet there aren’t enough suds to protect your legs from the harsh scrape of the blade.  talk about razor burn!

to give you a visual, here’s a picture of the blade right out of the packaging…

…and then here it is not enough shaves later.  not very impressive if you ask me.  you can still use it like this, but you better be sure to lather up with soap or shaving gel.

next time i have to get blades i’ll be sure to make sure i’m picking one that won’t last half as long as i expect it to.  if i’m paying a pretty penny for these things, then they need to work for me!  let me hear your “amen!”

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