the great debate: which time zone is the greatest?

okay, folks, i am going to settle the argument once and for all:  the central time zone is the grandest time zone of all and masterfully reigns over all others.  now, if you were to ask my sister-in-law kari, she’d vehemently disagree until the sun goes down.  seeing as how she has lived all her life in georgia, all she knows is the eastern time zone.  poor thing!  if only i could show her the light.  perhaps this post can do just that?

growing up in birmingham, i spent my entire childhood drinking the central time zone kool-aid, so to say.  our favorite primetime shows came on at a reasonable hour, which meant i got to go to bed in a timely manner to get my recommended eight hours of sleep before waking to a new dawn for a pleasant day at school.  sounds poetic, right?  yes, that’s because it is!  the central time zone is such a lovely place because you get your day started a touch earlier to keep up with everyone on the east coast yet you aren’t expected to keep your day going until those on the west end theirs.

you get home at six-ish, have the perfect amount of time to kick off your shoes, hop in your jammies, and then settle down into dinner while reading or watching survivor or whatever else it is you like to do on your weeknights.

wait, though.  what about the weekends?  oh, yes, football and all things sports start earlier in your day, but then you aren’t up until one a.m. trying to stay awake as the san diego state aztecs march onto victory.  you’re snuggled in bed before the clock strikes midnight so that you can rise rested from your slumber to do it all again.

over in the eastern time zone, everything starts when it really should be your bedtime.  yes, i might be a late-20 something saying this, but i think it’s safe to say i’m past the very short part in my life when i was eager to go out with friends and single-handedly close the clubs down myself.  i like getting done with work and having a few hours to wind down before i think about having to go through the daily grind again, just a few winks of sleep away.

if the local government would just be a lamb and move atlanta into the central time zone all would then be right with the world and every Christmas dream i’ve ever had would have come true.

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